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I wish to let you know that we provide editing service now. This is a co-ordinating, double-edited service. We have a couple in the team, Nat and NJ.

Our native English speaker Nat is an Anthropology Ph.D. candidate from University of Michigan, and he holds a B.A. degree in English Literature and M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies. He is an excellent writer of academic articles in English, and have rich experiences in non-native speakers’ works in sociology, anthropology, history, and other social sciences.

NJ is a native speaker of Chinese/Mandarin, who holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Boston University, USA. She can communicate with Mandarin native speakers to understand what they want to convey in the original text when there are some particularly oblique paragraphs/sentences/word choices, so that Nat can edit more accurately and truthfully to the original spirit that the writer wishes.

There are two ways of charging the service.

1) $0.6 NTD per word

This is for a piece that still needs many editorial works.

2) $900 NTD per hour

This is for a piece that you think is well-done, polished, and easy to read.

For a large project such as a book, we require a deposit fee 1/3 to be made prior to the service.


ATM transfer is accepted. Please contact

NatNJEditing Service

It’s never Secularism vs. Islamism, but Western media like to portray it that way


My interlocutors in the social world of Islamic media who supported the call for Morsi to step down are not “secular liberal elites” as most accounts would have it. To the contrary: they explicitly believe that secularism cannot be legitimately justified or reasoned from within an Islamic frame. This is because, for them, Islam guides and makes normative claims on every aspect of human life, including political life. They were not against the Muslim Brotherhood because of its similar commitment to the “comprehensiveness” (shumuliyyat) of Islam, but because they perceived organization as arrogant and incompetent, nepotistic and exclusionary. That the Brotherhood claimed to be acting in the name of religion while behaving badly made its actions much worse, but their support for Sisi’s removal of Morsi in no way hinged on seeing the military as a bastion of secularism.


These sentiments illustrate the fact that some Egyptians do not see the Brotherhood’s Islamism and secularism as the only two options available to them in organized political life.

posted by Yasmin Moll

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Berlin Mayor Election’s Cultural Racism: Raed Saleh’s “Grammatical Errors”


What you hear is never OBJECTIVE and OUT THERE.
Raed Saleh could be the next mayor of Berlin. Many journalists only care that he does not speak proper German, not what his policies will be if elected.!145007/

欺人太甚的德國主流媒體!社會民主黨推出的柏林市長候選人為巴勒斯坦裔的Raed Saleh,只因為自己是移民的後代,就被各家媒體說是「不會使用正確的德語」,所有的相關新聞只聚焦在他「有腔調」、「口誤」、「詞性錯誤」或「冠名 詞」錯誤上,完全不管他的政見內容為何。本篇報導,清楚地整理出所有候選人辯論時與政治脫口秀的逐字稿,證明Raed Saleh的德文文法犯錯機率,還比其他「正統德國人」少!


歐洲猖狂的極右派種族主義竟然發展成這樣了。!!!!!European FAR RIGHT ALERT!!!!

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Imperial Abduction: The Globalization of Residential Schooling


A great article. Residential Schooling of canadian Indians is but a metaphor, it is neo-colonization that we are facing.

*what is still essentially a civilizing mission cloaked as “humanitarianism,” the defence of “human rights,” or “democracy promotion”—that is, ideological narratives and their corresponding practices whose aim is sill that of “saving the natives from themselves” and to prepare them for life in the white man’s world (the “international community,” or “the community of civilized nations”), so that they may lead productive lives as law-abiding, well mannered servants of the global capitalist economy.

**Western “humanitarianism” thus works within an imperialist ideological framework:
First, we need to construct images of “Africa” as a dark place of gaunt, hungry, pleading quasi-humans, where we effectively open the door to ourselves, and usher ourselves in as their self-appointed saviours. This is not the same thing as abduction in the form of kidnapping (not yet anyway): it is more of a virtual abduction, an imaginary capture that places “Africa” on a lower scale of welfare and self-fulfillment, and implies our “duty” to rescue them by “raising” them “up” to where we are.

The same binary applies to the military instruments themselves: a US President can declare a “red line” against the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, while still using white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and various cluster munitions in the US weapons stockpile. Poisoned gas becomes the weapon of the “uncivilized,” and the cruise missile the weapon of the “civilized”.

Originally posted on ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY:

The following is an extract from my chapter, “Imperial Abduction Lore and Humanitarian Seduction,” which serves as the introduction to Good Intentions: Norms and Practices of Imperial Humanitarianism (Montreal: Alert Press, 2014), pp. 1-34:

In Canada, there have been official government apologies for the abuses committed during the residential schooling era (which lasted until 1996), plus monetary compensation, and a truth and reconciliation commission that was constituted and recently finished its work. Nonetheless the fundamental ethos of residential schooling has not only been preserved, it has been amplified into a template containing the basic operating instructions for how to approach peoples around the world who are understood to be inferior. Such inferiority can be understood, for example, in the way that other people’s governments, no matter how indisputably democratic or legitimate they may be, are consistently treated as if they were disposable.

Residential schooling in Canada and its counterpart systems…

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120th Anniversary Gala. Carnegie. 2011.


  • Audra McDonald, Vocalist
  • Emanuel Ax, Piano
  • Gil Shaham, Violin
  • New York Philharmonic
    Alan Gilbert, Music Director and Conductor
  • Yo-Yo Ma, Cello


  • DVORÁK Carnival Overture, Op. 92
  • BEETHOVEN Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56
  • ELLINGTON “Solitude”
  • ELLINGTON “Sophisticated Lady”
  • ELLINGTON “On a Turquoise Cloud”
  • ELLINGTON “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing”
  • GERSHWIN An American in Paris

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