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Jokowi: Saya Lahir di Bantaran Sungai, Pernah Merasakan Tak Enaknya Hidup Susah

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014 | 19:44 WIB
KRISTIANTO PURNOMO Presiden terpilih Joko Widodo menyapa simpatisannya saat peringatan kemenangan rakyat dan syukuran tumpeng setinggi tujuh meter di Tugu Proklamasi, Jakarta, Rabu (23/7/2014). emilihan Umum, Jakarta, Selasa (22/7/2014). Pasangan Jokowi-JK akhirnya memenangkan Pilpres 2014 dengan persentase 53,15 persen, mengungguli pasangan Prabowo-Hatta dengan perolehan suara sebanyak 46,85 persen. KOMPAS IMAGES/KRISTIANTO PURNOMO

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Prabowo: a sharp critique by Desi

Instead of quietly and gracefully conceding — which would have been the most honorable thing to do, especially for a man of valor and a patriot as he always claims himself to be — he has stolen much of the media limelight that should have been devoted to congratulating the newly elected president, to focus on his pain, frustrations and immense sense of betrayal.

Is he not the embodiment of heroism and bravery? Is he not the champion of democracy? Is he not the knight in shining armor who is destined to raise the Indonesian people from their stupidity, slave-mentality and oppression by arrogant foreigners?

Is it not obvious that he is the true and legitimate winner of the election, and not some skinny, furniture maker out of nowhere who’s never ridden a horse, wielded a gun or defended the country in battle? A nobody who actually had the audacity to cross path with one born with a silver spoon in his mouth and whose lineage can be traced back centuries.

Surely there must be some mistake. A cruel joke. Or some massive and systematic conspiracy concocted by the supporters of the Dark Force to rob him of his rightful throne and his birthright. The stars cannot be wrong. So the whole election must be wrong. And it is his duty to right that wrong, whatever it takes, lest the heavens be offended if the injustice is not redressed.

Never mind that the whole country is hostage to his rage. Never mind that he treats respected institutions with contempt like some bilious and cantankerous despot, and this when he’s not even the president yet. (God forbid what he would be like if he did become president).

In this, I lay the blame squarely on the KPU for having allowed a delusional megalomaniac to enter the presidential race to begin with.

Javanese poem–pitakonku

Apa kowe padha karo atimu


Apa sregep makarya?


inggih Punika kula rada peksa


Abote ngupaya sega.


Atine manungsa kabeh padha

atine manungsa isih lima

kabeh dirungkebi

supaya ora kapilut iline banyu ndonya.





Banyu kang ora mesthi biru

banyu kang sanggup ngemot tatu





ya tatumu




kabeh bisa gumuyu


L.Isnur Sukamana

Surabaya – Part 2 (Sunrise from Mt. Penanjakan Point 2)

Originally posted on The Province of Chroma:

Slept at 1.30am and set my alarm clock at 3.00am. Gosh! ONLY 2 hours of sleep? While checking on the time on my phone, someone from the hotel reception knocked on our door for a wake up sign. If it doesn’t because of the sunrise moment, i won’t be getting myself ready as early as this. NEVER! Checked the other family members next door and they were preparing themselves as well. Putting my socks and gloves on, i jumped out from the room and i can feel the temperature. It’s somewhere around 5’C.

We waited at the hotel reception for our jeep. Before checking in the day before, Pak Asyirin had dropped us at the ‘Angkutan Wisata Counter’ and we paid IDR 250,000 for 6 of us. This will covered the Sunrise at Mt. Penanjakan and Mt. Bromo. Jeep arrived somewhere around 3.45am and off we go. We were told…

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The invention of the “heterosexual”

Men and woman have been having sex for as long as there have been humans. So how can we talk about there being a “history” of heterosexuality?

We can talk about there being a history of heterosexuality in the same way that we can talk about there being a history of religions. People have been praying to God for a really long time too, and yet the ways people relate to the divine have specific histories. They come from particular places, they take particular trajectories, there are particular texts, and individuals that are important in them. There are events, names, places, dates. It’s really very similar. Continue reading

AOG TERDAHSYAT – Mawar Sharon Youth

Originally posted on GMS - True Worshippers:

Jangan Lewatkan!
Spesial Ibadah Ulang Tahun AOG yang ke-2, AOG Terdahsyat!

AOG Pelajar, Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012, pk 16.00 WIB
AOG Pemuda, Minggu, 25 Maret 2012, pk 13.00 WIB

Lokasi : GMS Pusat, Jl. Cempaka 18i-24 Sby

Pembicara : Ps. Philip Mantofa Full

Ajak teman2mu, dan nantikan pengumuman hasil polling urutan lagu ter-AOG serta pengumuman satelit terkompak, terheboh & terdahsyat!

See u there!
Gbu :)

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