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The best episode of This American Life for the past 2 years.

It’s a story about two schools and their students. One is the fanciest; the other really poor that doesn’t even have a library. They are only three miles away. The … Continue reading

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Album-5 chronology history of elder Java royal family Surosowan-Sultanate Banten-Prince Jakarta-Dul Gendhu / Kota Gede Mataram palace-Indonesia by Prince Jakarta Tubagus Arief Z-view

Originally posted on tbrm arief z painter/illustrator:
1945 Ibu Yo waktu Seskoad-tentara perempuan pertama RI 1945 Ibu Yo /Siti Johana Menara Saidah, tentara perempuan pertama Indonesia/Komandan Seskoad yang berjasa…

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Mary Douglas’ Grid and Group (individual differences and communal bonds)

In a 1982, Michael Thompson’s chapter in Essays in the Sociology of Perception presents the diagram connects particular “social contexts” to particular “cosmologies.”

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Avishai Cohen + Nitai Hershkovitz

Daniel Spicer 2012 If jazz is an art form based on surprise and discovery, spontaneity and intuition, then there’s something remarkably un-jazz-like about Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen’s 13th album. These … Continue reading

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謝飯歌的前身 Saint Nicolas, Op. 42: He comes to Myra and is chosen Bishop

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He is the Way. Follow Him through the Land of Unlikeness; You will see rare beasts, and have unique adventures. He is the Life. Love Him in the World of … Continue reading

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Shostakovich “Tea for Two” (‘Tahiti Trot’)

Compare with After Shostakovich and Nikolai Malko had listened to an old 78rpm disc of Vincent Youman’s “Tea for Two” in 1927, Malko bet Dmitri 100 roubles that he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Gayle Rubin, political economy of sex quotes

Sex is sex, but what counts as sex is equally culturally determined and obtained. Every society also has a sex/gender system – a set of arrangements by which the biological … Continue reading

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Why Some Muslims Are Fasting For Lent

The Huffington Post  |  By Antonia Blumberg  Posted: 02/17/2015 1:51 pm EST Lent begins on February 18 in 2015, marking the 40-day fast many Christians partake in leading up to … Continue reading

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