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**Best African Music ** I

About the most famous citizen in Senegal, Youssou N’dour Thinking aloud… February 25, 2012 In Senegal today, the election noise has stopped washing all around us and the candidates all … Continue reading

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The Best Sufi Singer

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Ethnographic tools!

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NJ Zola’s Neologism today: Hysterious.

In order to describe some toddler’s hysterical and mysterious behaviors on some Taiwan’s advanced public transportation, I just invented a new word that captures the situation perfectly well. The neologism: … Continue reading

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15 Important Muslim Women in History

Originally posted on Ballandalus:
In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to introduce people to several names of important Muslim women in history that they…

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Rastas. Hindu. Natural Symbol

Jamaica, colonized, 19th century. The origin of “Dreadlocks”: “Until then, they were constantly terrorized as slaves. Now they are the one who intimidate. “ the comments on Leonard Howell by … Continue reading

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What is being killed on Mt. Everest? Real people and The Mt. itself.

News from 2006: Prakash Sharma, director of Friends of the Earth Nepal, believes that, while many of the Western charity groups who trek to the foot of the mountain may … Continue reading

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Salib Putih : Bukan SARA Tapi RA

Originally posted on ::..batjatoelis..:::
“Sesuai dengan hakekat revolusi yang menjebol dan membangun, apakah yang harus kita jebol dewasa ini dan masa yang akan datang? Bahwa apa yang harus kita jebol…

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obviously anti-gay 印第安納州「宗教自由復健法」backlash

the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act “We’re here to show our solidarity with the LGBT community in Indiana and to oppose the recent legislation in Indiana,” head of the Duke … Continue reading

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AIIB, shame on all the news

Seriously, why do we care whether it’s China or the US that has the absolute hegemony or the largest share in the neoliberal institutions? That the US her highness is … Continue reading

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