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on Gate of Flesh (1964), a Suzuki Seijun film 肉體之門(鈴木清順)觀後

A dystopia made of prostitutes and their sorority, dignity, and ‘moral’ codes. A lesson taught and learnt from disciplines required for survival in the decadent and desolate post-war Tokyo. Gate … Continue reading

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Uigur/Han Conflict in July Riots 新疆慘烈的七五事件

News in Mandarin: In English: This English comment downplayed the horrible incidents of violence inflicted upon Han Chinese residents during the riots, such as murder, beating … Continue reading

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阿富汗: 對他們而言民主選舉的意義為何 Afgan presidential election: What Democracy Really Means to People

Based on the talk given by our great PhD candidate Noah’s fresh and first-hand participation observation in August, 2009 in Afghanistan!

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Iranian Green Revolution & the Dusk of Divine Leadership

In June,Tehran was turned into a battlefield between an outcry against fraudulent democracy and the power of state persecution over the future of Islamic Republic of Iran. The results: democracy … Continue reading

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Alone Again Naturally

For being a foreigner is a sort of lifelong pregnancy — a perpetual wait, a constant burden, a continuous feeling out of sorts. It is an ongoing responsibility, a parenthesis … Continue reading

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Divorce Announcement (AND I’ll always love you)

沒想到我居然在那樣認真的眼神裡找到了我自己。原來生命也可以這樣。不論我願不願意,我已被完全地攝入,奉獻了我的靈魂。因為我一直靠的是某種疼痛而活著─我追尋著那種疼痛,一種尖銳而美麗的光芒,一種尖銳而美麗的疼痛。 Never imagined on my mind that in that look I could find myself, where life is manifested, however belatedly. Whether I like it or not, I am so captured … Continue reading

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midnight runaway with a caramel Mac Cafe

I hopped into the car, or in fact crammed myself into it, just quickly but thoroughly showered, running away at midnight in the summer end, from the most academic city … Continue reading

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