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Uigur/Han Conflict in July Riots 新疆慘烈的七五事件

News in Mandarin:
In English:
This English comment downplayed the horrible incidents of violence inflicted upon Han Chinese residents during the riots, such as murder, beating to death, rape, mutilation, and random poisonous pricks into people on the streets (which now is proved true, not just urban legends).

But he got the point. After all, the problem is that a lot of Han Chinese in China have no idea or never thought about it as to why minorities hate them. And I have to say, instead of just wishfully hoping they stop hating Han, the Han in China should really try to understand WHY they are hated so much by these minorities. It is very hard to know what’s going on since all the information is blocked and the media bridled. Yet at the same time, it is still imperative to understand the organization of violence — actually I believe most of the mass riots are organized–how it happens and what social networks it involves in. Violence cannot be condoned. Neither should the structures that make possible ethnic hatred and ethnic injustice be neglected.


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