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with a Sumbanese woman in a traditional house


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Fire Notes

The God who answers by Fire is God. I Kings 18:24

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seeing the Muslim side of Venice

‘Without Muslim trade, Venice would simply not have existed. Instead of the powerful maritime republic, “La Serenissima,” that dominated Mediterranean commerce from the 12th to the 16th century, the lagoon … Continue reading

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從前老的阿拉伯大師原本也是像今日的法蘭克人一樣看世界。但經過一個事件後 ,一切(視覺再現的本體論)就改變了。 號名為鸛的大師回答了時間這個問題。

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那個誰才能夠在這個混淆的時代,證明自己是阿拉,偉大的蘇丹,以及鄂圖曼帝國忠實的插圖畫家? 問他們這三個問題: 風格與簽名、時間以及失明I 號名為蝴蝶的大師用了三個故事回答風格與簽名。

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The First Supper

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In memory of her, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza II

As a historical account of the ministry of Jesus or the life of the early church, the biblical writings do not tell us how it actually was but how its … Continue reading

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In memory of her, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

the Sitz im Leben or life setting of a text is as important for its understanding as its actual formulation.” page xv

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the decline of women’s status after Christianity was embraced by Toraja, Indonesia

女牧師永遠與男牧師矮一截的現象在Toraja始於1913年荷蘭人傳入基督新教。 基督教把Toraja原有的宗教信仰–Aluk To Dolo–認為女性在所有宗教儀式中與男性擁有平等地位,並在社會上有平等位置。基督教的傳播反而造成了女性權力的被邊緣化(ketersisihan)。

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Pentecostal notes

Faith Gospel, deliverance theology, Christian Zionism (Paul Gifford)

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