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Pentecostal notes

Faith Gospel, deliverance theology, Christian Zionism
(Paul Gifford)

North American religious culture? International ties?
This worldly blessing =\= shamanism
African religious tradition + pentecostalism : material reality
Faith Gospel and its form
Simon Coleman: Swedish Fundamentalism and the Globalisatino of culture
Its doctrines and forms of worship take on new symbolic resonance as they are transferred
almost whoesale from one country to another”
Ethnos, Vol. 56 n. 1 1991
the necessity of proclaimation (US form of culture)
“what you speak is what you get”
tithing? Strictly?
standarization of expression —media, books
Deliverancy: Demons
“Things are truer if un-African, so we quote Americans. It is traditional, but projected
in moern dress. The more foreign, the more serious, true, powerful it is.
Faith did not bring about all that was promised; deliverance opens an opposing force.
Christian Zionism: American modern history
hostilily to Islam: works in Nigeria, weird in Zambia, impossible in Indonesia
flexible networks, intensive sociability, egalitarian
Burdick 1998 Blessed Anastacia
Boundaries between believers and unbelievers
Robbins 2003 Paradoxes of global pentecostalism and the perils of continuity thinking
Meyer 1998 Make a complete break with the past
Latin, Africa, Pacific
recruit from the impoverished and displaced


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