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[Javanese Christian Hymn] Kidung kangen (Yochanan 14:2)

the embodiment of Gamelan found in the old Javanese Christian Hymn.
by Kidung Masmur Nyanyian Rohani Suplement,
Taman Pustaka Kristen Yogyakarta

Aku kangen mring pra mitra                    I miss all my friends
pra mitra kang wus aneng swarga           all my friends who are already in Heaven
kang memuji lan suka rena                    who are worshipping and joyful
wus tan dling sedhihing donya,               no more sorrow in the world
pra mitra, neng swarga                          all my friends, in Heaven

aku gya mulih nyang swarga,                   I yearn to return to Heaven
lakuku neng donya meh tutug,                 my deeds in the world will be finished
pra mitra kang wus aneng swarga            all my friends in Heaven
nganti-anti aku cumengklung.                 wait for the day of reunion, that I hankers after

   f** Cengklung + um (infix)
I. hanker for someone’s coming [Here: Jesus]
II. the sound of gamelan heard from afar


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