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[印尼叢書]《一夫多妻不是先知的傳統》Polygamy is NOT the Prophet’s tradition


Recommending “Polygamy is not Prophet’s Tradition.” The Prophet only practiced polygamy after 28 years of monogamy, and only after his first wife Kadijah (much older than her) passed away. At the time he was over 50 years old. All the later marriages were with political alliance/bond (Abu Bakar’s daughter Aisyiah, when… she was a child), widowers (one almost 70 years old), divorcees, war captives. Except bond marriages (few), none of the wives were “gadis” (young unmarried, esp sexually inexperienced women). It is clearly stated in the Quran that if one cannot be fair and just, one should only practice monogamy.
If one can be absolutely just and fair (which the Quran verses doubt its possibility), one should marry WIDOWER, ORPHAN, CAPTIVE, not some beautiful women one likes at will, and only up to 4.



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This entry was posted on September 6, 2010 by in 【Indonesia-ish & SEAsia】.
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