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The idea of Toleration I

Of all the great world religions past and present, Christianity has been by far the most intolerant. This statement may come as a shock, but it is nevertheless true. — Perez Zagorin

the medieval Catholic Church was never a spiritual monopoly in which all religious faith and worship were concentrated.
We should not forget, either, that Jewish and Muslim communities were also elements within Christian society with a long history in various regions of Europe as alien but intermittently tolerated minorities.
The Reformation, which started in Germany in the 1520s with Martin Luther as its inspirer and leader, was neither planned nor foreseen; no one in the years immediately preceding its beginning had any premonition of the great religious upheaval that was about to occur.
Concerned among other things with the relationship and perhaps harmony between Christian and non-
Christian religions and philosophies, they did not deal with the subjects of heresy or religious dissent. A doctrine of toleration could take shape in European thought only if it directly addressed the problem of the internal divisions separating Christians themselves and questioned the traditional attitude toward heresy.


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