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To dodge the mainstream censor & the minority anxiey

(Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison: Lucid Dream)
Dreams serve to fulfill latent wishes through displacing uncomfortable fears or desires onto safer terrain, in which contents and forms of the wish are distorted to dodge the censor of the Preconscious/Superego. Thus the manifestation, however weird, indirect or deviant, of the Unconscious in the semi-Conscious. (see The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud)

The line of arguing that the dream is by no means purposeless random neuronal firings (but to what extent and to what proportion is that?). One has fantasies that are normally not allowed in the real life; or frustrations and fear, or even hostility towards someone — when open aggression is immediately suppressed by norms. The ‘dream-distortion’ disguises these fantasies with cryptic imagery results from the fact that they fulfil socially unacceptable desires, concealed from the conscious mind by a monitor which censors them even during sleep.
So what is the source and origin of these “true desire” (despite their distortion and mutation in the dreams) that generated fantasies? Freud’s answer was this: invariably, all the human desires are carried over from childhood, and all children mimic the legend of Oedipus by directing their first experience of sexual desire and jealous rage towards their own parents.
Freud can be wrong about what these desires of fantasy really are, or where they come from. But the formula is heuristic enough: there is a transformation of feelings that need to be suppressed and censored under the sun, due to its socially unacceptable nature. Then, although being suppressed, the feelings are still there, and they may find another way out. The interesting part where Freud can tell us is the social censorship that everyone is enduring all the time. Now if we try to not confine the unit of self-regulating system (in which dreams occur) at the individual level, we should say that the source of individual meaning is often social and cultural, that is, larger than merely individual. We come back to the tripatrite operation of Id, Ego and Superego, where the vulnerable Subconscious is struggling with the respectable Preconscious to present the justifiable Conscious (the Id is changed to present with Ego while avoiding Superego’s interrogation). It is to dodge the censor that the sleep and dream provides the shell of protection where things get distorted and exist without being detected and deleted.
so far so good. But applying to the minority situation, where is this distortion?
When the prophetic dreams (and charismatic dreams) precisely predict exactly, literally what would happen — which indeed later happened, of course– where is the distortion?
Of course one could say that it is an after-thought, an after-edit of what later happened. But the true essence precisely lies in the irrational part, the inexplicable, miraculous part, rather than “rationalizing’ part. (one can of course say it is “rationalize” by providing an irrational rationale, instead of a reasonable reason” ) The Super-ego is the mainstream society, the hegemonic culture and religion, and the Id is the vulnerable minority. Then the ego is the transformation and maintenance of the community that tries to dodge the symbolic violence and meanwhile enhance its own self-justification.
The contents of dream, then, are not so much the distortions of “true wishes”. Nor dreams are the parallel of “real life”. Rather, dreams are elements of real life, and they constitutes the creative part — the creative genre that eases off their anxiety and that distorts and transforms their minority status by giving themselves dreams (like the dreamers give themselves distorted images) — so they can go on have their desire, even if they are still struggling, and in act the dream/the images are the very evidence that they are struggling. Otherwise they would not need a dream.
**The unpresentability of dream thoughts in conscious**
The dream represents a wish as fulfilled
all dreams are wishful dreams
“although not disport themselves in the most fantastic cotsumes” but had direct access with the divine
or shall we say, the entire reality becomes the dream analysed,
where having the prophetic dream itself becomes the best costume and cosmetics
in order that they may not be apprehended or persecuted.
During the day the minority immerse themselves in the trends of legitimate commerce supervised by the mainstream hegemony;
at night, out come these wishes and desires to be recognized by God, not by the tyranny of the majority


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