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Global Religious Conflict

Holy Shit. It’s not merely contemporary, it is also global.

USA I Terry Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida who is at the center of the Koran uproar, said Thursday evening that he had canceled the bonfire. September 2010 II Though, unfortunately not so described in the media or by the U.S. Government at this point, these terrorist acts were the acts of a group dedicated to eliminate all who opposed their religious beliefs. They are, purely and simply, religious extremists. They overemphasize that their religious beliefs are right and everyone else is wrong. In many speeches and writings bin Laden and his associates have stated that the US army is an "enemy of Islam" (1998); that "it is the duty of Moslems to prepare as much force as possible to terrorize the enemies of God" i.e. all who are not Moslems (1998); that "Moslems should kill Americans – including civilians – anywhere in the world they are found" (1998) and so on. It is religion that feeds the murderous aims of these terrorists. This overemphasis of religious differences has led to the first serious act of religious-based violence in the United States. As Andrew Sullivan stated in his cogent article in the New York Times referring to the September 11th attack, "This is a Religious War" (NYT Magazine, October 7, 2001, pages 44 et seq). While the full consequences of this attack remain to be seen, it is clear that its costs – not only to the U.S. but to much of the world – will be enormous. According to reports published in November, 2001, the U.S. alone has spent more than one billion US dollars a month in its military effort to find and bring down Al Qaeda, bin Laden and their supporters, an effort which it plans to subsequently expand to include other terrorist networks in the world. Subsequent to the September 11th attack letters containing the deadly poison, anthrax, were received at the offices of various U.S. officials. While it has not been determined, at this writing, whether they stem from the same sources, and Al Qaeda has not taken responsibility, there is that suspicion, since no other explanation seems appropriate. Several people have died from this poison. Egypt In January, 2000 the bloodiest conflict in 20 years took place between Moslems and Coptic Christians in a small town about 300 miles (500 kilometers) south of Cairo. More than 20 were killed with another 33 wounded. What started out as an argument between a Coptic Christian and Moslem family quickly deteriorated into bloodshed between others Christians and Moslems. Though the Egyptians as a nation are basically a tolerant people, this periodic conflict there between two of the world’s great religions continues. Algeria Nigeria Other areas such as the states of Suleija, Kaduna and Zamfara, as well as the city of Kano, are suffering enormous unease over Sharia. Not since the death of tens of thousands of Ibo Christians in the 1960’s in a war in which one million people died, has Nigeria fallen under such fear due to religious-based conflict. In September, 2001, President Olusegun Obsanjo had to call out the army to combat Moslem-Christian violence raging in Jos, a hilltop city of 4 million some 620 miles northeast of Lagos, where terrified residents told of churches and homes burned and bodies piling up in the streets. The fighting among the two religions apparently erupted at the time of Moslem prayers when a Christian women angered Moslems by trying to cross a street where Moslem men were praying. Hundreds were killed during that and subsequent fighting. According to commentators on the scene, the tension between the two religions is increasing. In other parts of Nigeria as well, thousands have died in vicious Moslem-Christian clashes, ever since several states introduced Sharia. In the year 2000, 2,000 people died in Kaduna state alone. Protestants and Catholics have distrusted each other in Northern Ireland for many centuries. SRI LANKA: Hindus versus Buddhists The philippines has catholic and Muslim India: masscre of Muslims Myanmar: Christian Karens get attached by the majority , refugees


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