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印尼全國與中爪哇基督徒比率統計 + 印尼華人認同

In 1971, 0.9 per cent of the Indonesian population were Buddhists; 0.8 Confucians.
Between 1979 -1998 C was derecognized and the assimilation policy was intensified.
The 2000 Census: Buddhists constituted 0.84%; “other religions” (excluding the five religions) only accounted for 0.24%.
1971: 7.4% (of the total population) Christians
2000: 8.9% (of the total population) Christians
(Suryadinata 2005:89)

2000 Megawati Chinse New Year
2006 SBY No.12/08
2008 No. 40/2008 anti-discrimnation Law
Leo Suryadinata 2005
1967-1979 the period Confucianism was recognized as an official religion
the promotion of Buddhism and belief in one God — the most well-known ex Bhikkhu Ashin Jinarakkhita (The Bwan An ) and the idea of Adi Budhaya.
During the Habibie presendency, the Minister of Religious Affairs reclaimed Confucianism as a “religion” again.
Chinese Indonesians: Remembering, Distorting, Forgetting
ed by Tim Lindsey, Helen Pausacker


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