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problems with the ‘Chinese’

Terms like ‘Chinese’ or ‘Southeast Asian Chiinese’ are momentary concepts that are historically produced for particular political reasons and are socially potent of creating self-fulfilling effects by the means of … Continue reading

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Islamophobia Reading List

1. Allen, Chris 2010. Islamophobia 2. Bennett, Clinton. 1992. Victorian Images of Islam, London: Grey Seal. 3. Field, Clive. 2007. Islamophobia in Contemporary Britain. Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 18: 447–77. … Continue reading

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On the Immanent Frame with Charles Taylor

『內在架構』對查理斯泰勒而言代表的是一種世俗化後的宇宙觀,其構成了一種『自然』秩序。對立於『超自然』,內在架構探索內在的世界而非超越的世界。世界是共有的,即使詮釋有異。 內在架構內的超越(“transcendance in imminance”),則成為了世俗年代的重要表徵。

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Ineqaulity through Education 教育體制加深的不平等

Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools By STEPHANIE SAUL Published: May 21, 2012 “A very small percentage of that money will be set aside for a needs-based scholarship … Continue reading

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