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貧富差距不是窮人的問題,富人早已從既有制度得利。美國房貸利率優惠方案幫富人節省更多,中產階級卻付不出貸款淪為無產階級。銀行大到不能倒閉,拿了政府的救濟金借屍還魂後卻拿去給會員分紅。 政府不處理貧富差距,將會導致更多貧窮家庭學童(已經發生的現象,請見經濟學人原文)表現欠佳,在未來市場上缺乏競爭力。 這不是一個慈善的問題:富人已經從為他們設計的各種政策條款中已經獲得了許多利益。並不是要求他們與窮人分享財產。要說服認為財產的多寡是一場公平的競爭下的產物者,就必須要指出,為什麼這個後果並不是透過一個公平的競爭與貿易。太多共犯結構,從軍火商到能源商,太多關說遊說造成的偏私富人的政策。 Excerpt: In America the share of national income going to the top 0.01% (some 16,000 families) has risen from just over 1% in 1980 to almost 5% now—an even bigger slice than the top 0.01% got in the Gilded Age. inequality has reached a stage where it can be inefficient and bad for growth. Even the sort of inequality produced by meritocracy can hurt growth. If income gaps get wide enough, they can lead to less equality of opportunity, especially in education. Social mobility in America, contrary to conventional wisdom, is lower than in most European countries. The gap in test scores between rich and poor American children is roughly 30-40% wider than it was 25 years ago. And by some measures class mobility is even stickier in China than in America. there is a reform agenda to reduce income disparities that makes sense whatever your attitude towards fairness. It is not about higher taxes and more handouts. Both in rich and emerging economies, it is about attacking cronyism and investing in the young. You could call it a “True Progressivism”.


One comment on “[經濟學人]就算是經濟成長掛帥,貧富差距也不得不處理

  1. Zola
    October 25, 2012

    給新莊的蕭姓公務人員:您的「這是個自由競爭的社會」、「你們為什麼不去當郭台銘」、「勞工都在遊手好閒」、「我們軍公教這麼辛苦」是完全違反邏輯的。如果是個真正「自由競爭」的社會,政府就必須要是小政府,政府負債首要之務就是要砍公費預算,哪有可能讓您有18%的福利?公務人員的福利正來自於反對「自由競爭」的危險帶來社會的動蕩,公務人員的福利正是「自由市場」的所有反命題,怎麼會還用幫市場背書的邏輯來自保?不管是軍公教還是勞工,都應該團結起來一起去檢討今日新自由主義下贏者全拿貧富不均的問題,而不是弱者互相殘殺。我們從來沒有過「自由競爭」,而且這個全球市場自殖民時代以來從來不公平。已經活在將市場競爭隔絕在外的溫室裡,還要大家來檢討長期最直接受到市場剝削與壓榨的勞工,這無異於擺明了採取「勞工請相信市場work harder,但是市場不適用於我政府應該保護我」這種雙重標準。這種完全不合理的論調,為何電視上評論家直接跳過就掉入了階級對立的框架裡?我相信蕭女士您的意見並不代表所有公務人員,而我希望在您顯露出您的軍公教階級優越感以前,應該要有對社會的經濟與政治是如何運作的有更深層的認識。

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