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To Governor of Jakarta: Please “Foke off!”

Okay, why the governor of Jakarta is gonna “Foke off”?
Hm…because his nickname is “Foke” and his succeeding governor, Jokowi, the incumbent mayor of Solo, is to take up the position on Oct 15th.
What? The mayor of Surakarta? How did this happen? Why was a current mayor from Central Java running for the governor of Jakarta special district of capital city (DKI Jakarta)? And he WON?

Sumber foto: Fesbuk

It’s hard to imagine who can be worse than “Foke” Fauzi Bowo, in terms of the states of matter in Jakarta now, such as cronyism, flood, traffic jam, you name it.
But it’s not like everyone could win. Jokowi has a relatively favorable profile for a politician for his accomplishments in Solo, a city that turned cleaner and greener, with even walkable sidewalks (believe me, this is not something you can take for granted in Indonesia)! Some also say that even the bureaucracy red tape was much reduced during Jokowi’s rule.
Even the former chairman of PKS Hidayat Nur Wahid could not win in this election. PKS late was even behind Golkar (totally an unholy union), trying to manipulate the issue of Jokowi’s deputy “Ahok,” a Chinese Hakka descent with Protestant Christian identity.
Even that couldn’t knock down Jokowi. Jakartans would rather Jokowi + CHINESE vice mayor than having Foke again.
Maybe this says something about the power of PKS in Jakarta area already started to “merosot”?
This was an amazing result, that even when Golkar plus PKS in Jakarta could not defeat Jokowi. Let’s just hope that this new governor, as his reputation goes, will truly help the marginalized, deal with the traffic and flood, and fight against corruption.



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