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黃雨屠殺事件真相? TruthS about Yellow Rain? And Tangents

The racism of science: RadioLab Yellow Rain Controversy
also interesting how in the following story, the guy with the mysterious crazy friend, he is allowed to just present an "emotional truth" and avoid describing the details

But the chemical weapon is more than just ’emotional truth.’

The list of US Military interventions since 1980. 美國八〇年代以來的軍事干預。
Still a secret?

The following is just the occupational disease:

while there is an entrenched misconception about Islam, a "natural" association between Muslims and radicalisms, I might as well provide what many uprisings have been trying to fight against:

The list of US Military interventions since 1980.

Iran (1980), Libya (1981), El Salvador (1981),
Nicaragua (1981), Lebanon (1982), Grenada (1983),
Honduras (1983), Iran (1984), Libya (1986), Bolivia (1986),
Iran (1987), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Iraq (1990),
Kuwait (1991), Somalia (1992), Bosnia (1993), Haiti (1994),
Sudan (1998), Afghanistan (2001), Yemen (2002), Iraq (2003),
Haiti (2004), Pakistan (2005), Somalia (2006), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009) Libya (2011).

How many murderous dictatorships and monarchs has the US installed or supported?

Let’s count.

Country Dictator Dates Statistics

Chile (Gen. Augusto Pinochet 1973-1990) 3000 murdered. 400,000 tortured.

Argentina (Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla 1976-1981) 30,000 murdered

Indonesia (Suharto 1965) coup against left-leaning Sukarno

1975 support of (East Timor genocide)
500,000 dead after 1965 coup; 100,000-230,000 dead in(East Timor)

Guatemala ( Armas, Fuentes, Montt) 1954-

(Iran The Shah of Iran) secret police death squads

(Ayatollah Khomeini) was on the CIA payroll in the 1970s in Paris

Egypt (Sadat, Mubarak 1978-today)

Iraq (Saddam Hussein) murdered and tortured thousands. US and Britain sold chemical weapons to Saddam which he used on his own citizens.

Nicaragua (Anastasio Somoza & sons 1937-1979)

Paraguay (Stroessner) US supported throughout ( says US has supported
Paraguayan development since 1942) ($142M between 1962 and 1975) 1954-1989

Bolivia (Col. Hugo Banzer) overthrew elected leftist president Juan Jose Torres 1970-

Angola Jonas Savimbi/UNITA (didn’t actually win his revolution, but killed or displaced millions) 1975-1989

Zaire Mobutu

Saudi Arabia Saud family

Kuwait a monarchy

Morocco monarchy

Libya (Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi) Terrorist, sold surveillance technology. Bush took Gaddafi of the terrorist watch list despite Gaddafi admitting to Lockerbie bombing.

Panama (Noriega) was US-supported for years

Haiti Papa (Doc, Baby Doc)

Dominican Republic (Trujillo, a military dictator for 32 years) with US support for most of that time; Belaguer, Trujillo’s protégé, installed after US Marines intervened to put down an attempt to restore the democratically elected government of Juan Bosch 1930-61, 1965-78

El Salvador 1980s 35,000 civilians are killed in 1978-81. The rape and murder of four U.S. churchwomen

Nepal monarchy since 1948

Cuba (Fulgencio Batista) pre-Castro

Brazil (Gen. Branco) overthrew elected president Goulart with US support 1965-67

Uzbekistan (Kamirov "The Boiler"), $150M from the Bush administration for an air base. 1965-67

Really, why is to kill in the name of "freedom and democracy" so much better than to kill in the name of God?

US is not a Christian nation. Radicalists are not representing their nations or their co-religious fellows either. Why such double standards?

When the US military were killing other peoples around the world, did you denounce the US?

Then why do you expect all Muslims to denounce radicalists’ violence? First, many of them did, but the media coverage only loves "bad Muslim" imageries.

Second, your distance from serial killers is as far as ordinary Muslims and Islamist radicalists. Do you feel you are responsible for those who are American serial killers?

US kills lots of people around the world for 60 decades that claim millions of lives. Just like US is not a Christian nation. Muslim radicalists are not representing their nations or their co-religious fellows either.

Really, why is to kill in the name of "freedom and democracy" so much better than to kill in the name of God?

If you feel you are not responsible when CIA was replacing new leaders in Africa, why do you expect ordinary Muslims to feel responsible whenever things went wrong?

When the ambassador was killed in Libya, did you see that thousands of people walk to the streets saying that they denounced this attack? Ordinary Muslims. They have to do apologize again and again for things that THEY HAVE NOT DONE. Why upholding such a double standard? I am a Christian myself. I never had to defend my faith even though there are lots of those who claim Christian faith doing bad things around the world, including in the USA.

Stop saying they never denounce. They did, so often, but it is the orientalist media that silenced them, not them being numb. I lived in a Muslim land long enough to say so.

Read scholarly works: Reel bad Arabs: How Hollywood vilifies a people and Islamophobia a challenge for us all. Please. Stop spread hatred and thinking that a people are just fundamentally inferior than you. It is you that is imposing double standard.


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