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Diane Arbus

"If you scrutinize reality closely enough, in some way it becomes fantastic," Arbus said. She is most known for her images of circus and freak show performers, transsexuals and nudists, … Continue reading

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Author:Rungquan Lhkatafatu Title:可以醒過來了吧! 原住民!Not Awakened Yet? Aboriginals!Time:2012.07.19

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20121122-14張投影片關注卡地布反遷葬 from PNNPTS 由七十多位大學教授發起的「拆除美麗灣渡假村」連署行動,短短一週有超過六百三十六位學者連署,東華大學理工學院院長劉炯錫呼籲台東縣環評委員不要出席二十九日的環評會議,避免幫這起違法開發案背書。那麼,我們的卡地布部落呢?青年與學者,你必須站出來!我們要什麼樣的台灣,由你決定。

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Melancholia [by Las von Trier]

Depression writ Large – planetary collision. This is Las van Tier’s most emotionally stable film, at least it seems to me. Although the feelings surrounding depression breakdowns are meant to … Continue reading

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奮鬥,勿失去初衷。熱愛思想,but don’t be a jerk


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