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Do you know that the Taiwanese government has forced a removal of the cemeteries of the indigenous Katratripul Tribe for "development" projects, violating the people’s legally demarcated "traditional territory"?

Do you know that the Katratripul people have protested but in vain? The government wanted to get away with it, not by asking the people to reconsider the project, but by lying to the public, claiming that there was no consensus among the tribe.

The government kept asking the indigenous people to "negotiate" in order to achieve a consensus, AS IF they did not have one. This foolish act has strongly violated the spirit of democracy, freedom, and pluralism of the Taiwanese government.

It has been two years since the Katratripul tribe started to fight. We have to stand up with the tribe, to fight against the government, and to stop the government from neglecting people’s values and destroying their sacred lands.

支持卡地布部落維護尊嚴,捍衛台灣多元特色! 請透過臉書系統與全球請願系統簽署!

沒有臉書的人,也可以進入Google docs簽署:

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