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En-Chieh (NJ) Chao’s CV (Selected)

En-Chieh Chao is currnetly Assistant Professor in Sociology Department at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.

An ethnographer of Indonesian urban neighborhoods of mixed religious populations, NJ (en-chieh) Chao is an anthropologist who is interested in cross-religious encounters, multi-linguistic performances, religious feminism, late Pentecostalism, Islamic civilizations, and the socio-cultural construction of gender and the body. NJ is also concerned with the rights regime of “religious freedom” and inter-religious conflict, migrant workers and (neo-liberal state’s) nationalism in Malaysia and the United States, as well as the rise of anti-Islamic movments in Euro-American socieities. More recently, she engages the intersection between scientific and religious discourses in health practices among Muslims and Buddhists.

NJ was a research fellow at Academia Sinica. She was an instructor at Boston University in the course Sex and Gender: An Anthropological Perspective. She served as a guest lectuerer (bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian as the instruction language) at the Christian University of Satya Wanaca in the course Feminism for students of Sociology Department and Communication  Department, a volunteer teacher of English conversation at the Third High School in Salatiga, a volunteer guest speaker in an advocasy tour in Central Java on anti-domestic violence,  as well as a guest speaker at the National Trainning program of the Indonesian Student Association (HMI) at the Islamic Boarding School of Edi Mancoro.



出田野前,連續三年暑假進行印尼語密集訓練課程。曾在印尼著名的基督教大學Satya Wanaca擔任客座講師以印尼語授課(酬勞婉拒),於當地國立第三高中志工教授英文會話課、並曾無酬擔任中爪哇區域防止家暴市民巡迴講座講師與印尼穆斯林大學生協會(HMI)幹部訓練營講師。

以其博士論文Women of Fire, Women of the Robe: Subjectivities of Charismatic Christianity and Normative Islam in Java, En-Chieh Chao曾榮獲美國學術團體協會(ACLS, American Councils of Learned Socieites)2011-2012全國博士論文寫作獎助金。其田野調查研究也獲得美國國家科學委員會(NSF, National Science Foundation)2009-2010人類學門博士論文研究獎學金。


學術著作Academic Publications

2015. “The-Truth-About-Islam.Com: Ordinary Theories of Racism and Cyber IslamophobiaIslamophobia and the racialization of Muslims in the West (Special Issue), Critical Sociology 41: 5775.

2014. “Not Fanatical: The Evolution of Sociable Piety and the Dialogic Subject in Multi-Religious Indonesia,” The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology  15(3):242-264

2014. “In the Shadow of Each Other: Building Pentecostal Churches in Muslim Java” in B. Platzdasch and J. Saravanamuttu (eds.) Religious Minorities in Muslim-Majority Southeast Asia. Singapore: ISEAS.

2011. “Blessed Fetishism: Language Ideology and Embodied Worship among Indonesian Pentecostals in Java,” Culture and Religion 12 (4): 373-399.

學術書評 Book Reviews

2014. “Picturing Islam: Arts and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld.” In Journal of Asian Studies 73, no.1 (February).

2013. “The Politics of Religion in Indonesia: Syncretism, Orthodoxy and Religious Contention in Java and Bali.” In Journal of Contemporary Religion 28, no. 1: 163-165.

其他著作Other Publications

2013. 〈我是人類: 紀錄片作為對「次人」的民族誌干預〉,收於蔡政良主編,2013台灣國際民族誌影展特刊,頁90-97。

2012. “Born-again Cosmopolitan: the Rise of Pentecostalism in Java” in Inside Indonesia 110 (December 2012). Melbourne: Indonesian Resources and Information Program. (Online magazine, no page number)

學術演講 Academic Talk

Nov 2013    “The dialogism of religious renewals: The co-constitution of Christian and Islamic movements in Java since the late 19th century” , invited by Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS) at University of Michigan. (機票飯店由密西根大學提供)


Jul 2013    「西方媒體眼中的伊斯蘭世界: 從一千零一夜,國家地理雜誌,好萊塢到反恐戰爭的他者再現」,政治大學阿拉伯與伊斯蘭文化營。


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