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Central Java Religious Populations Updates

Inside the census 2011 is actually census 2000, and 2012 is 2010. Perfect.
"Then we made a Dutch-language Muhammadijah school for the children of the hadjis who were not allowed to go to the regular Dutch schools. People here feared organizations like Muhammadijah since the Muslims were [traditionally] not organized, and they thought that to organize was to become Christian. But in 1934 the batik cooperative was founded, and by 1936 it had begun to truly advance because people saw the profit in it, and also because textiles made in Holland were more expensive than those made in Indonesia." (Peacock, 1978, p. 70)

Peacock, J. L. 1978. Purifying the Faith: The Muhammadijah Movement in Indonesian Islam, Menlo Park, CA: Benjamin/Cummings.
2000 Surakarta                                                 2010 Surakarta
Total         490.214                                            499.337
Islam         381.297   (77%)                               393.375  (78.7%)
Catholic       37.942 +                                          33.014   +
Protestant    68.112 = 10.6054   (21.6%)              68.844  = 10.1858 (20.3%)

2000 Semarang 
 Total  1.348.803
 Islam  1.158.090  (85.8%)
 Catholic 81846 +
 Protestant 91934= 12%

2000 Salatiga                      2010 Salatiga                          2010 City
 Total     151.438                  170.332                                174.234
 Islam    114.841 (75.8%)     129.894 (76.2%)                   135.283   (77.6%)

 Catholic    8.499  (5.6%)      8.069  (4.7%)                      11.298  (6.5%)
 Pro          26.868  (17.7%)   30.443 (17.9%)                     25.771  (14.8%)
Cath +Pro             (23.3%)   38.521  (22.6%)                    37.069  (21.3%)

Back in 1822, the missionary Bruckner who commented on Salatiga Muslims who “knew almost nothing of the doctrines of their religion.” (Java Saga p45)

althought called Muslism….indeed the people were heathen in all respects except the worship of images. They often appeared to be pleased with what I told them of the gospel, but no results followed. I found it to be hard work and most trying to the patiences to go on thus, month after month and year after year, and yet wintess no conversions. They could not read, nor had I then any books to distribute. p45

In  meetings held in  Langitan,  Buntet,  and in  Jakarta, the
kiais  expressed  their  strong  reservations  about  the  presidency.  In  Buntet
(Cirebon,  West  Java),  Kiai  Abdullah  Abbas,  as  he  said  himself in  an  inter
view,  told  Amien  Rais, who came  accompanied by  Fuad Bawazier,  a former
finance  minister of  President Suharto, and eminence grise of the  regime in  its
last  years  :  " Usually, the  Muhammadiyah people  are the  ones  with the  most
hatred  toward  the  NU people.  So,  what  is  the  motivation  behind  your  pro
Abbas  went  on  to  tell  Amien  he  suspected  him  of  proposing  Gus
Dur  because Amien  later  wanted  to  have  him  dismissed,  at  which  point
Amien  would take  over  as  president.  Abbas said he disliked the  idea because
" If  Gus  Dur  failed  as  president,  not  only  would  his  own  reputation  suffer,
but  so  would NU’s".  (13) Kiai  Abbas was  quoted  in  an  interview  with  Aula,  April  2001,  p.  28.  He  added  that  "Amien’  s  face  became  red  when  he  suggested  these  hidden  intentions"  (merah  padam mukanya).


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