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notes on GBI history

Hanya Oleh Anugerah
Editor: Pdt. Ferry H.A. Lembong, STh
p131prinsip agama berarti berkorban

Hanya Oleh Anugera

__________________________________________ by Thomas Bima
"om Ho"成為主僕hamba而在Tasikmalaya牧會
At the time Pentecostal churches in the strong nationalist atmosphere (dalam suasana nasionalisme yang kuat) and became Gereja Pantekosta Di Indonesia, or GPdI.

Om Ho takes the Proclamation of independence an unforgetable moment during his stay in Tasikmalaya. And the text described om Ho as "anak bansa" who is grateful for the existence of "Pancasila" (bersyukur dengan). He thinks Pancasila is inclusive and non-discrimitory, which guarantees FREEDOM and HARMONY (KEBEBASAN, KERUKUNAN), and the relation between religion and the state is one of "partnership" (kemitraan) (p72)
WNI is used all the time, often precedes "keturunan Cina" as in WNI keturunan Cina

________________________Frans Pantan
aliran Pentakosta (di Indonesia more often is known with the reference Pantekosta)

Donald A. McGavran’s definition of aliran Pantekosta is mentioned here,
1.submission to Allah, belief that Allah is always with us in daily life
2.Holy Spirit
3. Socialize well (segera sesudah mereka menjadi murid Tuhan, bermasyarakat dengan bak dan mempunyai koneksi dengan kawan2 dan sanak famili yang beragama lain)
4. 惡靈到處都是roh2 jahat與世俗主義Perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan sekular telah membuat sebagian besar 在西方基督徒中已經對神恩失去信心 "canggung dalam mengimani kesembuhan ilahi (Pinisilin, Yes. Doa, No!)" 這是靈恩派切忌
Aliran Pantekosta does not problematize doctrines that are never gonna be settled in debates (tidak pernah selesai diperdebatkan) that wates energy, money and thoughts and lose the change  to save more souls.

p131prinsip agama berarti berkorban

Senduk Bapa Rohani GBI
by M. Feery H. Kakiay
racism created an incentive for GBIS and GBI to be out of GPiD
(which meant that GPiD was originally NOT dominated by Chinese Indonesians)

p30反教條與論述arguement反理性Teologi Logis

telah jadi sintesa (perkawinan) antara teologi mistik yang hanya mengedepanankan
Mystical theology that emphasized testimonies in Allah’s protection without worrying about theological arguments (dalam lindugnan Allah tanpa mempedulikan argumentasi2 teologi dengan teologi logis)

傳教用不同方式 contextualization of penginjilan

p81 construction of mascuilinity
1. Pria sejati adalah pria pemberani — not afraid of loving God, wife and children excellence in work and service
2. Pria sejati adalah pria yang bijak — patience not thinking of oneself
3. keep commitment

Mechanisme Organisasi GBI

p24 connections to Cleveland Church of God, Tennessee
4. yang seimbang — making money and worship masa pensiun 


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