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「壁虎大戰鱷魚」:印尼反貪局對上警政署的決戰The “gecko vs crocodile” dispute

Demostrations in support of the cicak went viral in April 2009. TV News were flooded by the images of the gecko vs crocodile. Many newspapers ran cartoons with cicaks lining up against an ugly buaya, and numerous TV talk shows commented on the cicak versus buaya topic with enthusiasm. Subsequently, references to cicaks fighting a buaya have become a well-known part of the political imagery of Indonesia.

There were demonstrations in several cities in support of the men and a support campaign on the Facebook social networking site gathered one million members.

in October 2008, when Bank Century experienced a crisis of liquidity and some of its larger customers, including the wealthy Indonesian cigarette magnate, Budi Sampoerna, began withdrawing their investments. Bank Century不願意,Budi Sampoerna資產被凍結。

around April 2009, Polri’s chief of detectives, Commissioner General Susno Duadji, tried to help Budi Sampoerna take back his frozen savings. 警官Susno想要拿賄款以幫助Budi Sampoerna拿回資產。

Susno被KPK盯上,KPK用了很多wiretap。警方決定報復,而威脅當時已經在監牢的Antarsari交換條件,逼他講出KPK的弱點。(antarsari被控告因為愛上Rani Juliani而謀殺其夫)

In May 2009, Polri had charged Antasari with masterminding the assassination of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, the husband of his alleged love interest. Some say the police coached witnesses to falsely accuse the former KPK chief. Antasari gave Polri the means to crack down on the KPK in July 2009 when he twice made formal complaints of corruption against two of his deputies, Chandra M. Hamzah and Bibit S. Rianto.

Polri used every tool in its arsenal to bring down Chandra and Bibit. It even detained them for a period on the excuse they could prejudice the police case by holding news conferences. In public eyes this move was perceived as an abuse of power. One thing which made this whole situation inextricably worse was Polri’s perceived arrogance. Perhaps unfairly these perceptions were in part a result of the conduct of Susno, who showed his true self in an unwise interview with Tempo magazine in July 2009. In this interview Susno portrayed the developing conflict between the KPK and Polri as like a struggle between a gecko (cicak) and a crocodile (buaya). This unbelievably foolish simile was taken up in the public arena, where it was used to depict the KPK as an underdog. Subsequent demonstrations, online forums and other pro-KPK groups flocked under the banner of the cicak.

Nov 3rd during a hearing at the Indonesian Constitutional Court, dramatic tapes were played of bugged phone conversations apparently revealing a conspiracy to undermine the KPK. The names of businessman Susno Duadji as well as Deputy Attorney General Abdul Hakim Ritonga and a businessman, Anggodo Widjojo, were mentioned in the tapes. Bibit and Chandra were released later the same day.

In the end what saved Bibit and Chandra was not Polri’s mistakes, but the release of the KPK’s own wiretaps, in the form of hours of recorded phone conversations involving Anggoro’s brother Anggodo, who was Polri’s star witness. Anggodo had previously testified to acting as a middleman for his brother’s alleged bribery attempt. The taped conversations, however, suggested that Anggodo was conspiring with senior officials to frame the KPK. A wave of public outrage forced the president to establish a special commission of inquiry in November 2009. This inquiry, dubbed ‘Team 8,’ made a series of findings that roundly condemned the investigation of Bibit and Chandra.

On 10 November, at the trial of KPK chairman Antasari Azhar, who had been arrested in May for allegedly organizing the murder of a businessman, former South Jakarta police chief Williardi Wizard testified that senior police officers had asked him to help them frame Azhari.[17]

The team established by the president, the "Team of Eight", presented its recommendations on 17 November 2009. These included a halt to the prosecution of Bibit and Chandra, punishment for officials guilty of wrongdoing and the establishment of a state commission to implement institutional reforms of law enforcement agencies. The president said he would respond in a week.[18]

On 23 November 2009 the president made a speech responding to the Team of Eight’s findings. He said that it would be better if the Bibit-Chandra case were settled out of court but did not call for the case to be dropped. He also said there was a need for reforms within the Indonesian National Police, the Attorney General’s office and the KPK. His speech caused confusion among Team of Eight members and provoked a protest from activists who symbolically threw in their towels as a way of criticizing what they judged to be the president’s unconvincing response. On 3 December 2009, the president was officially informed that charges against Bibit and Chandra had been dropped.
This was the culmination of a months-long feud pitting the KPK against the national police and the attorney-general’s office. The two KPK officials, Chandra Hamzah and Bibit Samad Rianto, were accused of taking bribes from Anggoro Widjojo, a corruption suspect, so that he could flee abroad. They say their arrests were part of a plot to frame them and weaken the KPK.

A day after Mr Yudhoyono announced the investigation, a nationally televised court hearing broadcast more than four hours of tapped telephone conversations compiled by the KPK. They featured a man believed to be a state prosecutor, Mr Anggoro’s brother, who is an important police witness, and other unnamed figures. They suggested a plot to frame the KPK officials. Speakers also cited the president as backing the moves against the KPK. Within hours of the broadcast, the two KPK men were freed from jail (but remain under investigation). Mr Anggoro’s brother was detained for questioning.


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