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Godess of Sitcom, Tina Fey

A nerdy witty show writer whose relationship history is a disaster, a crazy charismatic whining artist from the ghetto, an over-achiever elite asshole boss, a superficial dummy blondie jealous of everything a real celebrity enjoys, and a navie Christian semi-slave page from Georgia.

30 Rock is just over, and The Office is alsmost finished. As a big fan of The Office [USA] hands down, I gotta say this: 30 Rock is smarter, crazier, and profounder than The Office in every single way. There is a reason why 30 Rock wins everything at Emmys.

Oh Tina Fey, being the impersonator of Sarah Palin perhaps was your blessing but it does not nearly exhaust your genius. Every single episode deserves an anatomy and some are so unbelieably dense but romantically packaged.

My Favorites (To be Continued)

Season 2 Episode 3 [The Collection]

Jack is in the running for the G.E. chairmanship and hires a private investigator to investigate himself! The P.I. exposes Jack’s enormous cookie jar collection (he was collector of the year under the pseudonym Victor Nightingale) and advises him to get rid of it. Jenna is more successful than ever now that she’s overweight ("Me Wants Food!"), but panics when it turns out her happiness is making her lose weight. And Kenneth understands the "Upside Down WOW (yeah, that’s "Mom") on the jar of Jack’s favirote.

Line 1: PI Cookie jar
Line 2: Jenna overweight popularity
Line 3: Tracey and Angie/ Crazy women gets sex or food to vent!

"Keep going! What else don’t you like about me!"
"You never talk like that! oh Tracey~~~~"

Seaons 3 Episode 12 [Larry King]

Tracey during the Larry King interview:
"New York as we know it will no longer exist tomorrow" and he calls for panic, sending the people of New York into madness.

Tracy has hidden in the building after revealing this on Larry King Live. Pete calls the program asking Tracy where he stores the money. Tracy reveals that the safest place he has it hidden has "a hard top and soft bottom, no matter where it moves, the cash stays in the same place." This clue is of no help to Pete, Frank, Toofer, and Lutz.

As it turns out, the place is Kenneth!
Line 1: Larry King Show
Line 2: Liz lost her cellhpone and the journey to get it back
Line 3: Where’s the money Tracey hid?

Season 3 Episode 14 [Funcooker]

Portable microwave (can be used in a shower)
Tracey can as much nonsense as he wants as long as he is the advitiser  (is this 30 seconds shit? Robot voice: "I am the advertise!" X3)

Line 1: Liz’s jury duty and witness another elderly woman who also got two employees named Tracey and Jenna that made her life so difficult, which resulted in an arson revenge that solves Line 2 Line 3 and Line 4!
Line 2: Jenna overworks by adoping Dr. Spacemen’s premature drug for non-sleeping
Line 3: Tracey’s commercial monopoly, when TGS goes crazy without proper actors, Liz ordered the show to go into the commercial, which only brings about more Tracey’s nonsense commercial!
Line 4: What is the name for this best new product portable microwave? Funcooker! Until Jack realized that it was the nickname of Tracey’s butt!

The ending of Season 3 Episode 22 [Kidney Now!]

The ending did a great job in mocking the collective celebrity singing for a great cause, and now since the great cause is not only staged but also absurd, so the depth of mocking was further enhanced by the vivid performance of those romantic eye-closing and head shaking.


"I didn’t lie. I massage truth."

"You are the picasso of Lonliness"

sneaking in Nancy ‘s house:
Kenneth: "Albino monk!"
Jack      :" That’s a mirror!"

secretly using a computer, 不小心把自己照相變成桌面。

Let’s Stay Together


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