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Tafsir Muhammadiyah and the debate of Religious authorities


Amin Abdullah
Tafsir Tematik Al-Qur’an tentang Hubuangan Sosial Antarumat Beragama includes some tolerant text interpretation of the question of relations with non-Muslims.

its authors are mostly Muhammadiyah leaders, but one of them is actually a NU ulama from a famous pesantren. (Adnree Feillard observed this on October 7th, 2000 in Yogyakarta)

A group of people lined up on a table in front of the audience as guarantee of their authoriy

As a result, the Muhammadiayh reformists were using traditionalist Islam as theological support in a debate against Persis radicals (Andree Feillad 166)
breaking the long association between Persis and Muhammadiyah

IAIN or UIN很多是來自傳統伊斯蘭學校,且想法非常開放民主,在此之外還有Jaringan Islam Liberal,相較於保守的Saudi-linked Instituted for Arabic Studies (LIPIA)

pesantren 的增加
from 6,321 in 1990 to 14,556 in 2004

Muhammad Arifin Ilham
Metro TV是一個比較世俗化跟國際化的電視台
但是這電視台不知道的是,Ilham對雜誌Sabili解釋為何要提倡"你今天禱告了嗎?"(Sudahkah Anda Sholat?)是因為 the Palestinian Question!!!!!!!!!

"We now see sudden kiais, instant kiais, like there are instant noodles "
an old NU kiai Muchith Muzadi in Jember (Feillard 170)

Kiai Diimyati from Kendal在2005表示在中爪哇,儘管PKS的宣傳與免費宗教教育還有中東對MUI的影響,大家還是都按照NU的方式在禱告

Majelis Tarjih PP Muhammadiyah, Tafsir Tematik Al-Qur’an tentang Hubuangan Sosial Antarumat Beragama, Yogyakarta: Pustaka SM, 2000

Anree Feillard, From Handling Water in a Glass to Coping with an Ocean

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