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空間、史觀與差異:司馬遷與Ibn Khaldun

這個地圖是十三世紀左右,東南部在上,且是以東南亞為高處,中間是中東,西邊是歐洲,東邊才是非洲。KAY CORCORAN / ORIAS / UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY (SUAREZ: EARLY MAPPING OF SOUTHEAST ASIA, PERIPLUS, 1999) 最近在讀司馬遷的世界跟Ibn Khaldun的史觀真的都是循環史觀按照那種分析人類歷史的方式,無怪乎不會研發出需要研究其他社會的「人類科學」 Advertisements

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The Make-You-fat Drug, Wow

WOW. Okay, I totally don’t need this. But, it says something about people’s health, in a crazy way. I believe the answer is very complicated. And the question is difficult … Continue reading

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Is this vigina-tightening drug? What?!

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TotallyAwesome Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival本屆台灣國際民族誌影展熱鬧滾滾

2013 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival Selected Film List Ah! Want to see them so bad!

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