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Javanese attitudes towards death/ Multiple Ontologies?

This was published in 1978. Muslim Puritans. In the passage the "tradition" is still considered as un-Islamic, which have been contested by other scholars (notbably Woodward, Ricklefs, Florida).

So it seems like even before the later wave of Islamic resrugence, there was already some sort of life-cycle changes built in a Javanese person’ religious life.

"With old age," Peacock says, "Javanese turn increasingly toward spiritual concerns; syncretists mediate mystically…..while other beomce santri-raying, studying the Qu’ran, and even attending the mosque." (p84)

"A reason for this santri-ization is that only Islam has a coherent doctrine of salvation and life after death’ though some syncretists vaguely believe in reincarnation (Geertz 1960:75)….the traditional syncretic veiw of death is simply a cessation of life."

In a word, he says, the santri are better prepared for the afterlife than the syncretist."

modin可以出生或結婚都不用來,但是死亡modin 一定要到。

slametans 會愈來愈大  3, 7, 40, 100, 1000


"The reformist’s attitude toward death appears to differe from that of the syncretist primarily in his greater concern for life after death and lesser concern for ordering relations between living and dead…death is for the reformist not an aspect of a cosmic constancy or cycle: it is a stark break, marked by a single ceremony and looking forward to Judgment Day."

他們對於生命有一種相當線性的理解linear, progresive, goal-oriented

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