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And darling, I’ve watched you cake-walk to the Immaculate Conception for far too long

When it comes to love, there’s a fire in the deep end of my heart, givin’ me the Heebie-Jeebies. Ya see, I know the land of wood and waters, merely fodder for loves slaughter. And darling, I’ve watched you cake-walk to the Immaculate Conception for far too long.
Halfway Tree and Spanish Town are both places in Jamaica.

‘Thaumaturgy’ is miracle-working.

‘Bris’ is the Yiddish word for Brit Milah, the ceremony of circumcision of Jewish baby boys.

‘Mento’ is a style of Jamaican folk music.

‘Amharic’ is a Semitic language of Ethiopia, sacred to Rastafarians.

‘Frenectomy’ = circumcision.

The ‘Talmud’ is a sacred text of Judaism. Was DB thinking of a ‘tallit’ (Jewish prayer shawl)? Perhaps the mistake is intentional? A joke?

‘Who wrote the book of Jude?’: The book of Jude is a very short and somewhat obscure book in the New Testament, ostensibly written by Jude, the brother of Jesus, though, as with most books of the Bible, debates rage among scholars as to who the real author was.

‘Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?’ – yeah fairly self-explanatory.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia = fear of the Number of the Beast, 666.

Solomon’s Seal: legendary signet ring of Solomon, King of ancient Israel. Some legends claim it gave him special powers. The design features the hexagram/star of David.

‘Immaculate conception’ is obviously that of Jesus, i.e. the virgin birth. (NJ: I know this one!!!)

‘Walls are wailing’ refers to the ‘wailing wall’ in Jerusalem, which is a relic from the second Jewish temple, i.e. around 2000 years old. Jewish people go there to pray, and to mourn the destruction of the temple.

‘Livicated’ is a word invented by Rastafarians to mean ‘dedicated’ but without using the syllable ‘dead’, for obvious reasons.

‘Ahaba rava’ is a mode/scale used in some Jewish music, notably in the wedding dance.


Make what you like out of all that 😀

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