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Asia for Jesus documentation. Note the high Taiwanese prominence: Nathanael Chow, Ewen Chow, and even Vanness Wu.


Army Of God (AOG) started as a crusade by ASIA FOR JESUS INDONESIA at Mawar Sharon Church, Indonesia last year (May 14-16, 2009) with speakers from all around the world, including Rev. Jaeson Ma, Rev. Nathanael Chow, Rev. Ewen Chow, Dr. Allen, Rev. Jonathan Chow, Rev. Ian Liao, Rev. Jim Fu and many more.

This movement was founded by Pastor Philip Mantofa with over 20, 000 people in attendance. The movement was for all ages, not just the youth.

The First AOG Youth Movement was held at JATIM EXPO (Jawa Timur Expo), Surabaya last March 14, 2010 with an average of 5, 000 Youth in attendance on the First AOG Service. Since then, we have been called Army Of God (AOG) – Mawar Sharon Youth. HIGHLY SPIRITUAL, HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL, HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL – that is our motto.

This movement has been ongoing for 1 YEAR at SURABAYA. A special event will…

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