mysophobia 潔癖

Nastiness Diagnosis. Anthropology. Religion. Gender. Justice. A Personal Notepad For the General Public.

Mikhail Bakhtin notes

Talk (logos), going back and forth (  dia)

  • Ubiquity. “Dialogism” is manifested at every scale of the use of language (1981: 32-30)
  • Appropriation. The utterance always occurs in the context of previous or alternative utterance and is always inevitably in dialogue with them.
  • Indexicality. The polyphonic association and resonances of all utterances with different people, contexts and speech genres. “Each utterance is filled with the echoes and reverberations of other utterances to which it is related by the communality of the sphere of speech communication.” (1986: 91)

Kristeva 1980: 68-72 Intertextuality

to bring thee other alternative or preceding utterance into one’s own usage of languages (which can produce the effect of “heteroglossia)

When we speak or write in the manner of other voices/languages in mind without quoting them explicitly, we produce a hybridity of languages and the worldviews they represent, or “double voicing” (such as dubbing, parodying, playing a role, imitating someone etc. ) (Bakhtin 1981: 325-30)

He champions the parodic over the canonic, a multiplicity of emerging consciousness over monist idealism

The moral choices demanded of any speaker among the heterglossic possibilities presented by the heterologssia and their worldviews of any community of the spakers. One has to choose a language, not simply as an autonomous being to utter something that is neutral.

Jane H. Hill p116

At least 20 voices are compressed into the 17 minutes of the text.

  • snatches of vernacular wisdom
  • a quotation from the Bible
  • threats from hard and corrupt men
  • the inauthenitc conern of officialdom
  • the gentle respect of a young woman for her father-in-law
  • the evasive conversations of a father and son at odds.

Bakhtin’s “voice” is called Goffman (1974 Frame Analysis) “figures”: personages created by the speaker





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