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Sexism, Violence and Racism in Game of Thrones

The ‘Game of Thrones’ Universe Is Violent and Sexist — And That’s Not a Bad Thing

By Alison Herman on Jul 31, 2013 11:00am

remember Foucault’ point: The Project of Modernity wants us to think that we are so much better off and freer than the past, which was over-the-top violent and was gladly corrected by modernity. What I believe is that there are different forms of violence, and the past has its forms of freedom that is not familiar to us, like we suffer from greater more systematic violence that was unheard to our ancestors. I don’t think the manipulative scenes of sex and violence in the show “reflect” the remote past, imaginary or historical, no more than I think that colonialism did anything to liberate helpless Brown women from evil Brown men or to make their life better, although Brown women were probably not happier before, either. But they could, say in some more matrilineal and bilateral societies. And the “sexual life of the savages” is not the same with “Oh that’s obscene and pornographic” constructions with images palatable to our modern sensations.


But that is a valid point, that in a different time and space, the distribution of violence and sex may be unfamiliar to us and make us sick. But colonial discourses about the pre-colonial violence makes me sick, too.



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