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highlights of Laffan’s The Makings of indonesian Islam”

The Palembang mosque issue would flare up again in 1906 and, as we shall see, storm clouds were gathering for Snouck and ‘Uthman in circles where state and Christianity were seen as indivisible. This despite the fact that Snouck had already so often acted behind the scenes against the publishers of articles impugning Islam, as when Semarang’s Selompret Malajoe published “servants tales” in 1896 claiming the Muhammad had been the illegitimate son of a teacher whose mother Khadija [sic] had fled to Egypt where she had taken up with a Christian priest. (p164)

The Javanese are Mohammedans, santris and Islamic scholars. Following the Arabs they hate the Hollanders because they are Christians, calling them Nazarine unbelievers. In the Mohammedan book on religious teaching, entitled al-Mufid, Mohammedans are forbidden to adopt the clothing and habits of the hollanders such as jackets, hats, ties, spoons, forks etc. Yet isn’t it odd? Nowadays all Mohammedans, even scholars and teachers, wear clothing according to the Dutch model: a hat, coat, tie, etc., and they use forks and spoons. Through this God will teach the Mohammedans that what is in their books is not His will but has been placed there by men who have no t been inspired by the Holy Spirit.Provisions have been made for the Mohammedans to obtain some knowledge; the Hollanders teach them some mathematics and writing in Javanese and Dutch letters. The Government has appointed educators in the whole of the Netherlands Indies for native children. One can obtain beautiful clothes, all sorts of furniture and decorations for the home, various pieces of equipment. One has machines; the telegraph; steamships; railways; god, silver, and copper, as well as paper money; one can make the pilgrimage to Mecca with ease. The Government does all of this. It is thus aid from Christians to the Mohammedans and other peoples who live in the Netherlands Indies. God willing, the Mohammedans will…understand that theere is no blessing…other than through the Hollanders.


Really utterly patronizing!!!! But engaging. Written by Kartawidjaja about the confluence of Christianity and the modern.

the Dutch soldiers discharged two volleys and rendered a Javanese dead on the Prophet’s birthday in 1904…people were angry and already called upon the Javanese to kill the Europeans, to institute the laws of Islam, and to await such signs as the appearance of white flags and banana leaves in the fields. (p170)

On Gedangan

Hasan Mu’min a prescient warning about the possible consequences of the ill treatment of Muslims. One letter sent to Snouck from Singapore invoked Sidoarjo in relation to eh rising tension in Riau. Having visited Tanjung Pinang in June of 1904, Hajji ‘Abd al-Jabbar of Sambas claimed to be “most” shocked by the behavior of the government there:

The Dutch very much abuse people and disrespect Islam….One kampung had called Hajji Muhammad Tayyib was sacked from his post because he held a mawlid in his home until 2 in the morning, even though his home is in a Malay kampung nowhere near the Dutch. Meanwhile, the Dutch can do whatever they like if they want to hold a party, whether in their homes or at a ballroom, with band music or durms and violins, dancing and making other noises while letting off firecrackers until late at night, even though they are close to the mosque in which people are praying. Even more [shocking] is that they force Muslims to plant crops on graves, such that these are effaced, which is done by people who have been punished by the Dutch government which governs this negeri. Thus all the Muslims of this negeri, and the negeris nearby, are extremely upset. They want to complain, but they fear to go against the power. So they just nurse vengeance in their hearts…People always blame the Hajjis, saying that they stir up the people. Because of this, I write to Sir in the hope that Your Excellency will help discuss the behaviors and inappropriate actions of the Dutch people…(p172)

At Bagelan in 1882, a santri truned priest claimed that belief in Jesus placed the Javanese on a par with white christians and absolved them of their labor oligations ot the colonial state. Local officials and their missionary kin were not amused.


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