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Transnational Networks of Pentecostal Indonesian Pastors

SKGI (Seminar Kesatuan Gereja Internasional)

Pastor Alex during Christmas Service in Bethany Jakarta

Tanggal 24 – 27 Juli 2012

Di Graha Bethany Nginden,

Jln. Nginden Intan Timur I/29 – Surabaya.

Pdt. A. Alex Tanuseputra ( Bethany )

Pdt. DR. K.A.M Jusuf roni ( Kemah Abraham ) [原Palembang王國貴族後代之類,世代伊斯蘭家族,有爭議是否為kyai]

DR. James O. Davis ( Billion Soul Network ) [founder of Cutting Edge International and the CoFounder of Billion Soul Network.]
[evangelical] 米國人

Rev. Paul Cole ( Christian Men’s Network ) CMN is active in 138 nations, the MAJORING IN MEN® curriculum

Founded by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole when he wrote “Maximized Manhood”, the most widely read book for men in the world – this movement continues today under the leadership of Paul Cole, Bishop Dale C. Bronner in Atlanta, Dr. Robert Barriger in Peru, Eddy Leo in Indonesia and other key men around the world…from Uganda to Ukraine, from Manila to Miami.

Cindy Jacobs ( General Internasional )

DR. Elmer Towns ( Liberty University )

DR. Suliasi Kurulo ( World Harvest Center ) 斐濟

David Sobrepena ( Word of Hope )

He is also a member of the leadership team of the Billion Soul Network, whose vision is to win 1 Billion people to Christ and to plant 5 Million Churches worldwide, where he serves as Co-Chairman for Church Planting and for the East-Asia Region.

DR. Leonard Sweet ( United Theological Seminary )米國人, 網站很fancy,神學家暢銷書作家

Pastor Aurelius Pati Soge, SVD ( Gereja Katolik St.Petrus )

Pdt. DR. Yakub B. Susabda ( Reformed Injili )

Pdt. Aswin Tanuseputra ( Bethany )

Pdt. Agus Gunawan ( Bethany )  澳洲、柬埔寨金邊蓋了一些教會、印度(澳洲同學引薦)、紐西蘭

Pdt. Leny Matoke ( Bethany )

Pdt. Hanna Yusak ( Bethany )

Pdt. Yusak Hadisiswantoro ( Bethany )

DR. Alan McMahan ( Biola University ) 米國人

speciality is the effective means to develop leaders and grow churches. He maintains an active consulting service in churches and is the former President of the American Society of Church Growth. He has earned degrees from Fuller Seminary, Asbury Seminary, the Alliance Theological Seminary and Nyack College. His Ph.D. dissertation was entitled, “Training Turnaround Leaders, Systemic Approaches to Reinstate Growth in Plateaued Churches.

  • “In Pursuit of the Multi-ethnic Church:  How Much Is Too Much?,” Unity in Christ Magazine, March 2013.
  • Being the Church in a Multi-Ethnic Community:  Why It Matters and How It Works, Wesleyan Publishing House, June, 2012. – Co-authored with Gary L. McIntosh.
  • Chair of the Undergraduate Department of Anthropology and Intercultural Studies at Biola University, and past president of the American Society for Church Growth.


Pdt. John M. Panggabean ( Bethany )

Pdt. Samuel Sianto ( STT Yestoya )

Pdm. Billy Zakharian ( Bethany )

Pdt. Agung Takariana ( Bethany )

Pdt. Bambang Hengki ( Bethany )

Bethany Church Nginden Surabaya During Regular Sunday Services


  • Pdt. Abraham Alex Tanuseputra ( Bethany )
  • PS. Benny Hinn (Benny Hinn Ministries)
  • REV. Floyd Lawhon (Deer Park COG)
  • PDT. K.A.M. Jusufroni (Kemah Abraham)
  • PDT. Niko Njotorahardjo (GBI. Jl. Gatot Subroto)
  • PDT. Jusuf BS (GTI. Bukit Zaitun)
  • PDT. Eddy Leo (Abbalove Ministries)
  • PDT. Dwidjo Saputro (GBI Taman Meruya Ilir)
  • PDT. Timotius Arifin (GBI R.O.C.K)
  • PDT. Josia Abdisaputera (GBI NAFIRI ALLAH)



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