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Origins of Alientaed Leisure — the slaughter house

Champ de Mars and Palace of Metallurgy, Paris, France, 1900.

In Paris, at the turn of the 20th century, sightseers were given tours of the sewers, the morgue, a slaughterhouse, a tobacco factory, the government printing office….and the supreme court in sessions. (p57)

去別人工作場合觀光的觀光,是”Alienated leisure”, “a return to the work place.”

“Part of the horror that attaches itself to slaughter seems to derive from the return to nature represented by the kill. In killing, man imitates the beasts…he recreates one of their most animal relationships: predator and prey. Except for Christianity, the major (and most of the minor) religions dictate what animals may be killed and eaten, the exact manner of the slaughter and the office of the man who performs the act.” (p73)
“What is represented here is a victory of modern methods over traditional religious values, or the end of religious privilege to designate the type of animal and the mmaner of killing proper to society. In the modern slaughterhouse, animals are killed according to the same rational method regardless of their species. A visit to the slaughterhouse locates the tourist in a postreligious relationship to meat production. (p74, my emphasis)



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