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Polarizing Taiwanese Society.

A student painting the message on the wall of the Legislative Yuan: “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is an obligation,” which was quoted from the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, 1974

The occupation ends on 4/10. On 4/10, the police promised not to evacuate protesters outside of the Yuan. Members of the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan and their supporters remained in the plaza outside the front of the Legislative Yuan overnight after student-led protesters from the Sunflower movement left the legislature’s main chamber early on Thursday evening. Despite a promise from Fang about 2:30am yesterday that police officers would not use heavy-handed methods to clear the area, police began picking up demonstrators and moving them away from the square at 7am.

The Alliance people, all elders, including a professor called Tsai Ding-Kuei, have been there everyday for 1988 days, 5 years, way before the Sunflower movement.

They have been ignored and mocked, treated as outdated stubborn elders doing useless things, like protest in front of the parliament everyday.

But they were the one who actually made the miraclous occupation happen, since they were the one who knew the landscape and the deployment of the police. They blocked a major crackdown path. They did not start the Sunflower movement, but they paid for the assembly fee “the legal rent for the assembly” they had raised every day for the students, like in the past 5 years. They thanked the students, but many ignored them.

As soon as the occupation ended, they were forcibly removed right after the police had promised not to. One of the police even said, “Even if unconstitutional, I will evacuate you.”

Because of this insult, Tsai attempted suicide in front of the police.

Later at night on 4/11, nearly 1,000 people frustrated with the forced dispersal of protesters from outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei early yesterday following the ending of the Sunflower movement occupation attempted to besiege the Zhongzheng First Police Precinct last night, sparking a tense face-off and sporadic clashes with officers.


Relatively unfiltered information is so hard to get by for some, esp. for those who only watch TV, the worst source of information nowadays, due to the financial structure of these TV stations.

Many others, still support the police and the state-sponsored violence. Why? We have to face this, however painful it is.

This is a polarizing move.

It pushes people who were against the “Taiwanese independence” declaration, despite the de facto independence of Taiwan, to further wrongly believe that the sunflower movement supporters ARE actually pro-formal independence people, and further wrongly believed that this was a DPP-sponsored activity. Well, it is NOT. DPP has been fairly close with China, and many have been disillusioned by DPP. If anything, they were only led by the movement of the Sunflower, not the leaders.

This is a dangerous move. Because it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe many sympathizers would now turn to the Referendum Alliance.




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