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I finished my job. Good job, NJ. Good job. Have some rest. Don’t cry. You did a good job. You did all you can. Advertisements

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“Good Woman”

“Good Woman” I want to be a good woman And I want for you to be a good man. This is why I will be leaving And this is why … Continue reading

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Men’s Disappearance: Bruno Schulz


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“Undemocracy”: inequalities in science

“Undemocracy”: inequalities in science

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Recommended Reading: Montaigne’s Essays

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
In case you thought you were hallucinating — yes, my blogging-related recommended reading for today is, indeed, from the 16th century. It’s the Essays by French writer Michel de…

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Concerns in Europe After Far-Right Gains in E.U. Elections

Originally posted on TIME:
Far-right and Euroskeptic party gains across Europe in Sunday’s European Parliament elections have caused alarm among supporters of a closely integrated E.U. European Parliament President Martin…

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David Harvey, Piketty and the central contradiction of capitalism

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
David Harvey is the well-known Marxist Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.  Harvey has…

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Redemption song

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery 把你被奴役的心解放出來 None but ourselves can free our minds 只有我們能釋放自己的心 Have no fear for atomic energy 不要懼怕那強權的武器 ‘Cause none of them can stop the time 因為無人能阻擋時間演進 … Continue reading

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Pringle Should Be Worried About His Associations More Than His Critics (Who is ‘Pastor’ Alex Abraham?)

Originally posted on C3 Church Watch:
Pastor Phil Pringle of C3 Church Oxford Falls, is on the ‘Church Growth International’ (CGI) board with Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church.…

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傻大姐世界週報2014/05/10 新聞報導沒告訴你的奈及利亞


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  今天同樣教書完,搭上高鐵回到台北車站,想著過兩天要母親節週末,不如先買好客運車票,就繞到京站廣場要去臺北轉運站。 在廣場入口一個小角落,看見一位老婦人,不知道在賣什麼東西,對每一個經過的憨厚地點頭致意。 我不斷地回頭看她,心裏愁緒湧上心頭,上了轉運站買好車票,就趕緊回來。 前一天晚上,好友從韓國回來,相聚一晚,讓好友幫我檢討自己對於凡事過於認真,無法輕鬆面對生活的問題。 但顯然,我就是我。 老婦人還站在那裡。我靠近她,拿起兩條口香糖,問她,為何站在這裡賣東西。 她說她憨慢探錢,她兒子也不會探錢,所以來這裡加減討日子。 我開始與她將近半個小時的對談。她把她家裡的故事都告訴了我,連家人的小名都好像我認識般地直接說給我聽。

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L ‘Homme Révolté

“Dans l’épreuve quotidienne qui est la nôtre, la révolte joue le même rôle que le cogito dans l’ordre de la pensée: elle est la première évidence. Mais cette évidence tire … Continue reading

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Taiwan tops Facebook users per capita in Asia-Pacific Area

Facebook台灣月活躍用戶達1400萬人,滲透率居亞太區之冠 數位時代網站|撰文者:陳怡如發表日期:2013-09-18 Facebook亞太區副總裁Dan Neary 17日來台分享台灣用戶最新數據。目前Facebook在台灣每月共有1400萬名活躍用戶,滲透率達60%,居亞太區之冠,其中每天都登入的使用者更高達1000萬人,使用手機登入的用戶則有700萬人,未來Facebook的發展策略,將以行動為主軸。  Dan Neary表示,Facebook在全球已有高達11億名用戶,每年成長超過20%,若以每月活躍用戶來看,亞洲區是Facebook在全球最大的市場, 共有3.4億名用戶,每年成長超過33%。而在台灣市場,Facebook每月共有1400萬名活躍用戶,以台灣總人口數2300萬人來看,滲透率達 60%,居亞太區之冠,其中每天都登入的使用者更高達1000萬人。目前Facebook在全球前四大市場,依序為美國、印度、巴西、印尼。 (編按:基本上就是按照人口多寡排列,中國除外,印度稍弱)

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