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Updates on SEAn and Eastern Asian religions

Robert Hefner (2010: JAS1032):

Today, by comparison with some of its neighbors, Japan is experiencing only a modest religious resurgence. Similarly, if for a moment I may look beyond the eastern Asian focus of this essay toward southwestern Asia, any generalization as to religion’s galloping resurgence has also to be qualified. After a generation of religious mobilization, Iran is today experiencing one of the strongest secular izing and anticlerical moments the modern Muslim world has known. As Shahram Khosravi (2007) has recently reminded us, large numbers of young Iranians are drifting from their faith, estranged from the authoritarian impositions of the Islamic republic.
However, turning back to East and Southeast Asia, one cannot help being struck by the dizzying proliferation of new religions, as well as the no less dramatic refiguration of those old. In the once securely Catholic Philippines, the past generation has seen dramatic conversion to evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity (Howell 2008). In response to the Protestant boom, Filipino Catholi-cism has undergone its own quasi-Pentecostal rebranding, like that of the offi-cially Catholic but Pentecostal-inflected movement known as El Shaddai. With its 10 million members, El Shaddai is the largest charismatic Catholic organiz-ation in the world (Wiegele 2005).


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