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Capres Pilpres 印尼大選Indo Presidental Election

It is estimated that Jokowi will have a slight lead with 3%, but that also means the risk of riots in some places might “automatically” be higher.

本日好笑新聞謠言:SBY的兒子與Hatta R. 女兒億年前政治聯姻,生出來的嬰兒有問題,因為其實總統的兒子長期使用毒品,導致嬰兒有問題。


今天UGM附近路上超多pemuda Pancasila。沒事跑出來幹嘛?製造交通混亂?


Don’t be “white groups” (golput = “golongan putih”) = those who don’t vote or pretend to be neutral.
大選前夕今日最紅印尼歌:不要不投票!(jangan golput)
Ayuk mencoblos! Gebrak, Gegrak!!
Prabowo dan Jokowi Nyanyi Lagi – AYO JANGAN GOLPUT (Gebrak! Jangan Sampai Golput)



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