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Ada yang Campaign Hitam, ada yang FAKTA.

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Not all attacks are created equal. Some are based on lies, like Jokowi is Christian, and some are based on facts, like Prabowo was a ruthless and willful general who used terror to crackdown Papua and Aceh and sniper-killed activist students in May 1998 in Jakarta.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has won Indonesia’s 9 July presidential election. If the formal vote counting and tabulation process concludes without massive fraud, he will be sworn in as the country’s new president on 20 October of this year.

Critically, most of these organisations are widely respected for their integrity, professionalism, and technical skills in survey methodology—a reputation they earned by producing highly accurate quick counts since 2004, when direct local and presidential elections were introduced. Even RRI (Radio of the Indonesian Republic), the country’s state broadcaster—a relative newcomer to the business of quick counts—had drawn praise for its performance in the 2014 legislative elections; indeed, its quick count came closest to the actual result. The fact that all of Indonesia’s credible survey institutions coincided in finding a Jokowi victory, and by a broadly similar margin, means it is all but a statistical impossibility that Jokowi will not emerge victorious in a properly conducted formal KPU count.


Joko too has been labeled a communist – not to mention a secret Christian born of Chinese-Singaporean parents – in an Indonesian race for president that has been marred by more smears than any other.

“It is very clear that this year’s smear campaign against Jokowi is unprecedented in post-Suharto elections,” Marcus Mietzner, a professor at Australian National University, told Tempo. “And it is equally clear that it is modeled around Republican campaigns against Democratic candidates in the US. Jokowi’s depiction as a Singaporean and Christian is a direct copy of Obama’s portrayal as a Kenyan and Muslim in 2008.”


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