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the ISIS that the news have not told you


石油是中央管的,區域不得自行販賣給外商,是中央負責買賣,分完一杯羹後,17%收入才會回到庫德斯坦。但是他們常常根本沒有真正回流到當地。因此當地早就對中央怨恨在心。 美國也不希望庫得斯坦自己賣石油,因為這樣中央政府勢力就會變弱,財政更糟,然後庫德斯坦會更有經濟實力搞獨立。


It’s a risk worth taking, in part because in Iraq today, as in Southeast Asia four decades ago, we are culpable. Were it not for our war, and the anarchy it has bred, the Yazidis would likely not be facing imminent death. The reasons Americans want to turn away from Iraq are precisely the reasons we should not.



McGovern is best known for his landslide defeat in the presidential election of 1972 and his impassioned opposition to the Vietnam War. Six years later, when he became the first senator to advocate U.S. military intervention next door in Cambodia, to stop the Khmer Rouge’s ghastly slaughter of between 1 and 3 million people, hawks were incredulous. The Wall Street Journal called McGovern’s stance “mind-boggling.” But as Samantha Power explains in A Problem from Hell, McGovern saw no contradiction in his positions. Vietnam, in his mind, had been a profoundly misguided application of American might to prevent a communist-led independence movement from liberating its country from Western control. Cambodia was genocide. In his view, the U.S. had a particular responsibility to prevent the latter because its war in Vietnam had helped cause the trauma and instability on which the Khmer Rouge seized.


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