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Berlin Mayor Election’s Cultural Racism: Raed Saleh’s “Grammatical Errors”


What you hear is never OBJECTIVE and OUT THERE.
Raed Saleh could be the next mayor of Berlin. Many journalists only care that he does not speak proper German, not what his policies will be if elected.!145007/

欺人太甚的德國主流媒體!社會民主黨推出的柏林市長候選人為巴勒斯坦裔的Raed Saleh,只因為自己是移民的後代,就被各家媒體說是「不會使用正確的德語」,所有的相關新聞只聚焦在他「有腔調」、「口誤」、「詞性錯誤」或「冠名 詞」錯誤上,完全不管他的政見內容為何。本篇報導,清楚地整理出所有候選人辯論時與政治脫口秀的逐字稿,證明Raed Saleh的德文文法犯錯機率,還比其他「正統德國人」少!


歐洲猖狂的極右派種族主義竟然發展成這樣了。!!!!!European FAR RIGHT ALERT!!!!

Translating from German:


Berlin mayoral candidate Saleh

BERLIN taz | Raed Saleh caused a grammartinnitus: If the candidate speaks to succeed Klaus Wowereit, then his audience are convinced perceive errors where there are none. Above all, journalists are concerned.

Stood in the
Berliner Morgenpost that Saleh grammar error makes as many young migrants in Berlin“. The Berliner Zeitung wrote: . His appearance was little confident, stronger than usual was his accent, and his ever again incorrect grammarStar chief editor HansUlrich Jörges was in a radio comment that Saleh has trouble speaking without an accident. Taz asked: Berlin Were ready for rulers, the grammatically sometimes beside it?” The answer was to read in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: SPD parliamentary leader Raed Saleh has so much trouble with the grammar that he retires for the role of heir to the throne .
The journalists are all wrong: Raed Saleh has a very clean grammar.
To evaluate its error rate, I have transcribed an appearance by him, word for word. No speech in Parliament or during the election campaign, when he can read at sight or learn everything by heart beforehand. But a political talk show in which he is made of two sides in a pincer movement: from Berlin TV presenter Peter Brinkmann and the tazmate Stefan Alberti.

Saleh also brings its nested subordinate clauses clean end. The words are in the correct order and have the correct endings. I have ten minutes completely transcribed (see below). Saleh speaks 1,257 words, and there are few places where his German is not quite correct. Once, he says, for example, a word twice: And yet the security is still relevant, right?” Elsewhere he says, without offspring was facing a obsolete policewhen it should, strictly speaking, outdated” hot. Overall, there are nine such bodies, so one error every 140 words.


A question of accent

This is extremely little. Most people do when they talk freely, significantly more errors than Raed Saleh. So my esteemed colleague Stefan Alberti in the talk show he once said “there” instead of “so”, he breaks often a thought in the middle and sets the record continues differently, he promises several times and must be corrected. There are all 34 words a place that is not quite right.

Stefan Alberti also has an audible accent, he was born in Dortmund. But he does not trigger Grammar tinnitus in his audience. After all, who sounds as if he came from the Ruhr area, which is probably also speak proper German. But who sounds like he came from the Arab world, which is probably not a true German can even if it is just the opposite in fact. The grammar tinnitus obviously has a racism problem.


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