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Nat & NJ editing service

NatNJEditing Service

I wish to let you know that we provide editing service now. This is a co-ordinating, double-edited service. We have a couple in the team, Nat and NJ.

Our native English speaker Nat is an Anthropology Ph.D. candidate from University of Michigan, and he holds a B.A. degree in English Literature and M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies. He is an excellent writer of academic articles in English, and have rich experiences in non-native speakers’ works in sociology, anthropology, history, and other social sciences.

NJ is a native speaker of Chinese/Mandarin, who holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Boston University, USA. She can communicate with Mandarin native speakers to understand what they want to convey in the original text when there are some particularly oblique paragraphs/sentences/word choices, so that Nat can edit more accurately and truthfully to the original spirit that the writer wishes.

There are two ways of charging the service.

1) $0.6 NTD per word

This is for a piece that still needs many editorial works.

2) $900 NTD per hour

This is for a piece that you think is well-done, polished, and easy to read.

For a large project such as a book, we require a deposit fee 1/3 to be made prior to the service.


ATM transfer is accepted. Please contact

NatNJEditing Service


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