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Collections of Pre-modern Female Warriors

Taiwan Lowland Aborigines from 1590 “Manila Manuscript”


Tamchuy (Tanshui) is a kingdom known for violent people. They decapitate enemies and decorate the skull with gold, and hang those in their main wall of the house. A woman is always carrying the skull of an important man she killed. People respect this woman and think highly of her bravity.

淡水是一個與雞籠(王國)相鄰的王國。該地住著暴怒的人們,好於戰爭與爭吵。是傑出的 弓箭手並且經常四處行搶。在他們戰爭的時候,他們所有的人皆有一個習俗,即殺了某人後便割下頭顱、剝其皮,只留下頭蓋骨(casco),鑲上金;鑲金之 後,掛在屋裡最主要廳堂的牆上,他們與其和諧共住一起。這樣,他們以擁有這種大的戰利品而被視為勇敢,一位女性總是在手上帶著她殺的重要男性的頭骨,為 此,他們將看重並尊敬此女性為勇敢的人。(此段文字由李毓中教授抄譯,方真真教授修改。)

Acehese warriors

17C Aceh female warroiror. (Note the dress style is similar to the ones in Taiwan. )

Bottom right hand corner one can see Europeans.


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