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若是全部擺在一起,就太多太醜了。 單獨看歌劇愛情靈藥的海報倒是很美。 突然發現Foucault 其實很認真聽歌劇。要是我不會把崔斯坦與伊索德的故事想到海與船與瘋癲的意義。 愛情靈藥似乎一開始也在談崔斯坦與伊索德。 喝下去就會愛上某人的藥,這應該跟love spell black magic比起來是差不多等級的事情。 Advertisements

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Modernity at Large summary Appadurai, Arjun. Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Appadurai, Arjun.  Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization.  Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1996. Implicit in this book is … Continue reading

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Report from Bethlehem: An American moment

Many of us worked for so many years for a two-state solution.  But the two-state solution is dead, completely dead, and the Israelis have killed it.  Our message — especially … Continue reading

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The literary analysis of Psalm 23 In verse four the writer becomes inconsistent with his pronoun for God and changes it from “he”, to “you”. David stops talking about God and starts talking to God. … Continue reading

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Let her go, she is happy

G told me that the day after they prayed for A-Ma, her friend said that A-Ma was already with Jesus, singing happily. I thought about Buffy the Empire Slayer, when … Continue reading

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After grandma’s death

I left things behind. Sherlock Holmes 2% left. Brothers Karamazov since 33% Intact. Between 11/27 and 12/9, I cried less and less. Twice, yesterday, after I got back in Kaohsiung. … Continue reading

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