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the freedom to harm.

In my ideal world, people respect each other not out of fear of punishment or the revenge of those one offends. Rather, people respect each other because they don’t arrogantly think themselves as essentially superior to others, and they don’t proudly take pleasure in causing other people’s pain.

Freedom, what was after the great Revolution. Terrorism, and the conquest over the Europe? Freedom, when it is abused to insult the offspring of our slavery, our second class citizen, whose homeland we never wished to let go until 1960s? To despise the children of the immigrants who filled the dirty jobs no one wanted to do when the economy was growing, who are now abandonded and targeted as the ill of the nation.

Don’t you remember? Free market is never free. If Freedom is a privilege of those who have been the empire that sucks the blood out of the wretched earth. Read Fanon.


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