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Shostakovich “Tea for Two” (‘Tahiti Trot’)

Compare with After Shostakovich and Nikolai Malko had listened to an old 78rpm disc of Vincent Youman’s “Tea for Two” in 1927, Malko bet Dmitri 100 roubles that he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Gayle Rubin, political economy of sex quotes

Sex is sex, but what counts as sex is equally culturally determined and obtained. Every society also has a sex/gender system – a set of arrangements by which the biological … Continue reading

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Why Some Muslims Are Fasting For Lent

The Huffington Post  |  By Antonia Blumberg  Posted: 02/17/2015 1:51 pm EST Lent begins on February 18 in 2015, marking the 40-day fast many Christians partake in leading up to … Continue reading

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Blue is the warmest color/ appropriate behavior/ the babadook

France. America. Australia. Unsophisticated banality. Not “gay” or “Persian” enough. Devastated motherhood (or even womanhood). Feminist in different ways. The most heartbroken one is “Blue”. So sad and true, with … Continue reading

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還有哪些版本的差異? Di Taiwan sendiri terdapat sekitar 230 ribu umat Islam yang menjadi pasar utama produk halal. 60 ribu di antaranya adalah masyarakat Taiwan (0,3 persen dari populasi penduduk) dan sisanya … Continue reading

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deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) techniques

The fat and protein composition, or volatile compounds. DNA methods are very specific and sensitive and they can be even used for highly processed materials, because DNA molecules are very … Continue reading

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Bizarre Love Triangle

Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue It’s no problem of mine But it’s a problem I find Living a life … Continue reading

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Henry darger


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49 Fakta Mahasiswa Indonesia di NTUST

Originally posted on Nur Muhammad Malikul Adil:
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) adalah sebuah Universitas yang berada di Kot Taipei, Taiwan. NTUST merupakan salah satu kampus yang…

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