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deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) techniques

The fat and protein composition, or volatile compounds.
DNA methods are very specific and sensitive and they
can be even used for highly processed materials, because
DNA molecules are very stable. Polymerase chain reaction
(PCR) methods are based on amplification of specific gene
fragments. Methods for specific detection of pork DNA and
some other animal species were described by
Laube etal. (2007)

. A short fragment of the coding region of the cyclic
GMP phosphodiesterase gene was used to develop a pork
specific TaqManÒreal-time PCR. In this type of PCR
dual-labelled probes are used for real-time detection mak-
ing the test very specific. Because a very small, 108 base
pair, fragment of the gene is amplified the test also works
for processed food. The method is able to detect only five
genome copies of DNA and it is possible to analyse
many samples in one experiment (Laube et al., 2007).
GC, electronic nose technology,
(Anis Najiha, Tajul, Norziah, & Wan Nadiah, 2010; Boscaini,
Mikoviny, Wisthaler, Von Hartungen, & Mark, 2004; Fauzi & Mas’ud, 2009)
Anis Najiha, A., Tajul, A. Y., Norziah, M. H., & Wan Nadiah, W. A.
(2010). A preliminary study on halal limits for ethanol content in
food products.Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research,6(1),45~50.
Laube, I., Zagon, J., Spiegelberg, A., Butschke, A., Kroh, L. W., &
Broll, H. (2007). Development and design of a ‘ready-to-use’
reaction plate for a PCR-based simultaneous detection of animal
species used in foods.
International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 42(1), 9-17.

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