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He is the Way.
Follow Him
through the Land of Unlikeness;
You will see rare beasts,
and have unique adventures.

He is the Life.
Love Him in the World of the Flesh;
And at your marriage
all its occasions
shall dance for joy.

— W. H. Auden

We are presented today with a disturbing reality. Otherness, the
simple fact of being different in some way – Muslim or migrant – has
come to be defined as in and of itself evil. Miroslav Volf is a native
Croatian, who, in his ‘theological exploration of identity, otherness,
and reconciliation,’
writes from his own experience of teaching in
Croatia during the war. He contends that if the healing word of the
Gospel is to be heard today, theology must find ways of speaking that
address the hatred of the other. He proposes the idea ofembraceas a
theological response to the problem of exclusion. Increasingly we see
that exclusion has become the primary sin, skewing our perceptions
of reality and causing us to react out of fear and anger to all those
who are not within our ever-narrowing circle.
Auden reminds us just how big our circle must be:‘Heisthe
Life. / Love Him in the World of the Flesh; / And at your marriage
all its occasions shall dance for joy.’

The Qur’an itself addresses this question: ‘…to every one of you
have we appointed a different law and way of life. And if God had
so willed, He could surely have made you all one single community:
but [He willed it otherwise] in order to test you’ (5.48). St Paul is
less gentle with the Corinthians: ‘Do you really think that you are
the source of the word of God? Or that you are the only people to
whom it has come?’ (1 Cor 14.36)

Chrys McVey OP
Convento Santa Sabina (Aventino)
Piazza Pietro d’Illiria, 1
00153 Roma Italia


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