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AIIB, shame on all the news

Seriously, why do we care whether it’s China or the US that has the absolute hegemony or the largest share in the neoliberal institutions? That the US her highness is losing its colossal face, or China her majesty is taking over the world, IS the question?

That’s a horrible and outrageous distraction, a distraction that the controlled media love to make believe to be the issue.

China or the US, that shouldn’t be the question. The question is: Have we not learned any lesson from IMF and World Bank? Have we not learned anything at all from the neoliberal ideology? Have you ever taken a look at the conditions of life of those suffering in the poor countries trapped into endless debt vicious cycles?

Right, it’s still about the voting powers of those wealthiest countries. They just want a bigger share, so goodbye IMF, and hello AIIB. But wait. Where is democracy?


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