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Taiwanese matrilineal 西拉雅母系社會 (photos with African female warriors)


屏東人在臺灣清治時期最大革命起義林爽文事件中扮演重要角色(1787年,乾隆五十一年),那就是被遺忘的馬卡道族女英雄金娘。金娘是萬丹人,在清朝凌遲 斬首的名單中排名第三,僅次於林爽文與鳳山天地會領袖莊大田。金娘以一位女性率領三萬大軍響應莊大田起義,是為了解放受壓迫的馬卡道族婦女而奮鬥,足以稱 為臺灣的聖女貞德。

*林爽文以反抗清朝官員貪汙剝削為名,率領十萬大軍革命起義,其中三萬大軍由一位女性金娘率領;圍攻四邊城門時,由「柱國夫人」、「仙姑」金娘負責一城門,在世界戰爭史上很罕見。 (東南亞有不少女將軍與女戰士的故事,非洲與中東世界也有)

the Dahomey female warriors .

A brave and terrifying all-female militia who ferociously fought for and defended the country of Benin, then known as Dahomey.

Group portrait of ‘Dahomey Amazons’, visiting Paris (Europe), Circa 01 / 02-1891

Mino Benin Dahomey Amazonians

from the 18th to the early 20th century in Benin the armed forces were led by the Mino, a fierce all-female army tasked with guarding the palace, royalty and fighting for the territory of Benin, then known as Dahomey. When European colonialists and missionaries encountered these women, they swiftly gained the nickname ‘the Dahomey Amazons’.

The word ‘Mino’ means my mother in Fon, yet looking at images of these female warriors, there is little in their countenance to suggest the maternal. Their origins are unclear, though popular theory suggests that they were initially formed under the rule of King Wegbaja in the late 1600s as a group of elephant hunters. Then in the early 18th century, his son and successor King Agaja found himself impressed by their ferocity, and decided to employ them as members of the palace guard. Starting as a group of 800 soldiers, their troops rapidly expanded and with it, their responsibilities; soon there were over 4000 female soldiers successfully fighting the territorial battles of Dahomey. In the 1850s, under the rule of King Gezo, the Mino numbered roughly half the armed forces of the kingdom at around 6000 women, and their superior fighting skill allowed Gezo to conquer the entire territory known today as Benin, along with most of Nigeria.

once a member of the Mino the women were forbidden to have sex lest they fell pregnant and were unable to fight, and any man who tried to touch a soldier would be sentenced to death for his crimes.


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