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Molecular halal testing has turned up pig DNA in Cadbury’s chocolate


The dietary laws that forbid Jews and Muslims from eating pork date back millennia—but when they were laid down, nobody conceived of detection tools that could find minuscule traces of the forbidden foods.

Malaysia is the latest country to find itself with a tainted food scandal, after the government’s halal inspectors—who ensure that foods adhere to Islamic dietary laws—used a DNA test to find trace elements of pork in Cadbury chocolate bars. That forced corporate snack giant Mondelez, Cadbury’s parent company, to issue a recall of Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast bars, and triggered the ire of Muslim groups.

“They stuffed pigs into our mouths, then apologized,” said Azwanddin of the non-profit group Hamzah Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, who threatened to sue Mondelez. “This cannot be allowed.” More than 20 Malay-Muslim groups called for a boycott of Cadbury.

Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department, known as Jakim, began using DNA…

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